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PANDUIT Showcases Unified Physical InfrastructureSM Based Solutions across Data Center, Connected Buildings and Industrial Automation as Platinum Sponsor of Cisco Live 2009.

TINLEY PARK Tinley Park, village (1990 pop. 37,121), Cook and Will counties, NE Ill., a residential suburb of Chicago; inc. 1892. Its population grew significantly in the late 20th cent. , Ill. -- PANDUIT Corp., a global leader in Unified Physical Infrastructure(SM) (UPI UPI
United Press International
), announces its participation as a platinum sponsor of Cisco Live 2009, which features the networking industry's latest technology innovations for the data center and for connected real estate.

PANDUIT UPI solutions leverage an integrated physical infrastructure as the foundation to enable convergence across communication, computing computing - computer , control, power and security systems. These end-to-end solutions (jargon) end-to-end solution - (E2ES) A term that suggests that the supplier of an application program or system will provide all the hardware and/or software components and resouces to meet the customer's requirement and no other supplier need be involved.

Compare: turn-key solution.
 drive operational and financial advantages across the enterprise, allowing businesses to minimize risk, reduce costs, heighten height·en  
v. height·ened, height·en·ing, height·ens
1. To raise or increase the quantity or degree of; intensify.

2. To make high or higher; raise.

 agility and support sustainability initiatives.

PANDUIT is working with Cisco to develop solutions that help customers manage risk within the physical infrastructure by intelligently converging con·verge  
v. con·verged, con·verg·ing, con·verg·es

a. To tend toward or approach an intersecting point: lines that converge.

 physical and logical systems. The power of this collaboration is resulting in flexible UPI-based Solutions for the Data Center and Connected Buildings that map key physical layer elements to centralized cen·tral·ize  
v. cen·tral·ized, cen·tral·iz·ing, cen·tral·iz·es
1. To draw into or toward a center; consolidate.

, logical computing environments to achieve greater operational efficiencies, maximize space utilization, and support power, cooling, and energy efficiency goals. Cisco Live is the latest venue by which these solutions are being communicated to a wider industry audience.

"We are very excited about our participation as a Platinum Sponsor of Cisco Live 2009," says Vineeth Ram, VP of Global Marketing, PANDUIT. "At this event, PANDUIT will showcase physical-logical infrastructure best practices to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and productivity. Throughout this event we will feature our industry leading high speed data transport capabilities, integrated physical infrastructure management solutions and connected building solutions that enable our customers to make smart choices to achieve increased energy efficiencies while enjoying maximum infrastructure performance at minimal risk. As a participant in the Cisco Data Center of the Future Initiative (DCoF), PANDUIT will showcase its solutions jointly with Cisco and other partners at the DCoF Pavilion. This is a unique opportunity for us to demonstrate how a set of industry leaders can help customers deploy comprehensive data center solutions based on Cisco technologies."

As a Platinum Sponsor, PANDUIT will discuss how decisions made today on the network physical layer affect the ability of the enterprise to scale and address tomorrow's requirements in several Cisco Live Sessions:

* Vineeth Ram, VP of Global Marketing, PANDUIT will present a Case Study on the ways that the efficiently designed and integrated data center physical infrastructure for PANDUIT's new World Headquarters Building will optimize optimize - optimisation  energy usage, driving cost savings while lowering risk and supporting sustainability goals.

* Jack Tison, VP of Technology, PANDUIT will be a speaker on Cisco's Data Center of the Future panel, in a discussion about how dynamic UPI-based infrastructure solutions can address key data center challenges around space, speed, power and cooling in both mature and emerging markets around the globe.

* Darryl Benson, Connected Buildings Solution Manager, PANDUIT will describe how the UPI platform was leveraged with Cisco's Connected Real Estate principles to converge con·verge  
v. con·verged, con·verg·ing, con·verg·es

a. To tend toward or approach an intersecting point: lines that converge.

 building systems throughout its new World Headquarters Building. This latest validation of PANDUIT's Connected Building Solution provides state-of-the-art visibility and control of all critical building systems, generating and sharing data over a single, open platform to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the building as a whole. Additionally, this world-class facility will also serve as a testimonial to the importance of aligning strong partner relationships to achieve long-term sustainability goals.

The most recent output of PANDUIT-Cisco collaboration - a virtualized, converged LAN/SAN data center network over 10Gig Ethernet - will be demonstrated at the PANDUIT booth. Together with Solarflare, PANDUIT and Cisco incorporated the PANDUIT([R]) TX6A[TM] 10GIG[TM] Category 6A UTP UTP (uridine triphosphate): see uracil.

(Unshielded Twisted Pair) See twisted pair.

UTP - unshielded twisted pair
 Cabling System with a Cisco Catalyst 6503 Switch and Solarflare's Solarstorm([R]) vNIC controllers and 10Xpress([R]) 10GBASE-T transceivers over a vSphere-ready VMware[TM] ESX See VMware.  3.0 platform. Through innovative engineering and application expertise, this combination aligns partner efforts to deliver a cost-effective platform that minimizes the risks associated with convergence, performance, and ever-increasing user and application demands on the data center infrastructure.

Visit Booth #515 to see how PANDUIT is executing on physical to logical infrastructure mapping and integration with Cisco, and learn about next generation High Speed Data Transport Systems, Integrated Cabinets and Cable Management, Intelligent Appliances, Management Software and Lifecycle Services. PANDUIT will also feature its Industrial Automation Solutions in this booth that is based on collaboration with Rockwell International Rockwell International was the ultimate incarnation of a series of companies under the sphere of influence of Willard Rockwell, who had made his fortune after the invention and successful launch of a new bearing system for truck axles in 1919. .

For those of you who are unable to attend Cisco Live in San Francisco San Francisco (săn frănsĭs`kō), city (1990 pop. 723,959), coextensive with San Francisco co., W Calif., on the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which are connected by the strait known as the Golden , we invite you to participate in the Cisco Live Virtual forum where PANDUIT is a key sponsor. Visit to register as a Cisco Live Virtual attendee at·tend·ee  
One who is present at or attends a function. See Usage Note at -ee1.


a person who is present at a specified event

Noun 1.


PANDUIT is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, agility and operational efficiency. PANDUIT's Unified Physical Infrastructure(SM) (UPI) based solutions give enterprises the capabilities to connect, manage and automate To turn a set of manual steps into an operation that goes by itself. See automation.  communications, computing, power, control and security systems for a smarter, unified business foundation. Strong relationships with technology leaders complemented with its global staff and unmatched service and support, make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner. (
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