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 SECAUCUS, N.J., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- "The first Panasonic REAL(TM) 3DO(TM) Interactive Multiplayer(TM) systems have shipped and will soon arrive on store shelves from coast to coast," reported Richard Lovisolo, Panasonic vice president and general manager.
 Lovisolo expects the Interactive Multiplayers to be available in over 2,000 outlets across the country. Part CD player, part interactive video platform, the FZ-1 REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer "will revolutionize the way we interact with the medium of television," according to Lovisolo.
 "We're seeing the beginning of a new era in television entertainment. Until now, TV has been a passive medium. There was a time when we'd all watch color bars because it was on TV. Now you can interact with your television ... you can control the programming and the content with unparalleled speed and realism," he said.
 The FZ-1 REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is the first product to utilize the powerful new 3DO interactive technology. The system employs specially designed, ultra-fast animation and sound processors to draw on the vast storage potential of the compact disc. The result is an interactive system that offers performance levels up to 50 times greater than current personal computer or 16-bit video game systems.(A)
 The Interactive Multiplayer has a suggested retail price of $699.95, and software titles are expected to be priced competitively with computer and video game entertainment software. One title, "Crash 'N Burn," an exciting 3-D combat racing game from Crystal Dynamics, is included with the FZ-1, ensuring buyers they can use the Interactive Multiplayer as soon as it is connected to the TV. A second CD packaged with each unit offers a series of brief interactive programs, as well as information on the FZ-1, 3DO technology and 3DO software.
 Also available now are additional optional controllers (FZ-JP1) with a 7.5-foot cable for a suggested retail price of $39.95. Depending on specific software, the REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer can accommodate up to eight controllers at a single time.
 Early next year, Panasonic plans to introduce an optional Full Motion Video (FMV) cartridge, which will enable the REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer to play full-length motion pictures via Video CD. This cartridge (FZ-FV1) will use the MPEG-1 standard and fit into a port on the side of the FZ-1.
 Panasonic is supporting the launch with an aggressive sales, advertising and promotion program, directed by the Interactive Media Division. This program will include local and national print and television advertising, dealer tie-in events, an extensive demonstrator program, dedicated point-of-purchase materials, and an eight-market mall tour.
 (A) -- The 3DO system can process up to 64 million pixels per second, while 16-bit systems process 1 million pixels per second. The 3DO system offers a palette of up to 16 million colors, while 16-bit systems offer 256 colors.
 -0- 10/6/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Color slides of the REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and sample screens are available upon request./
 /CONTACT: William Pritchard, 201-348-7182; Mark Johnson, 201-348-7130; or Gary Frisch, 201-392-4571, all of Panasonic/

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Date:Oct 6, 1993

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