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 CINCINNATI, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) announced today the national launch of calcium-fortified Double C Hawaiian Punch juice drink.
 New Double C Hawaiian Punch provides the same one of a kind fruit- juicy taste of current Hawaiian Punch, but is fortified with a full day's supply of vitamin C and as much calcium as 4 ounces of milk in every serving. The product contains FruitCal, P&G's patented, highly absorbable source of calcium. Double C Hawaiian Punch will be on store shelves in most sizes by October.
 This introduction coincides with a study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which shows that 12- to-14 year-old girls who got extra calcium grew significantly stronger bones. The extra calcium used in the study came from FruitCal.
 "The trick is to get kids to eat and drink more of the calcium we know they need," said Stephen P. Donovan, Jr., group vice president for P&G's food & beverage business. "Our answer is simple and practical: put it where they really like to drink it. That's why all our juice drinks, including Sunny Delight and Hawaiian Punch, now have calcium versions."
 Calcium intake is essential throughout life. However, it's especially important during the growing years of childhood because 95 percent of bone mass is developed by age 18. The teenage years are particularly critical because hormones during puberty increase the rate at which bones are built. Unfortunately, most kids -- 87 percent of teenage girls and 70 percent of teenage boys -- fall short of getting the recommended amount of calcium they need.
 "Procter & Gamble's approach to addressing this problem is to take the calcium we know works best from the clinic to the kitchen," said Mark B. Andon, Ph.D., chief of the mineral and nutrition lab at Procter & Gamble. "Even one extra serving of a calcium-rich food or beverage per day can make a big difference in building strong bones. That can reduce the risk of bone fractures later in life. With our calcium versions of Sunny Delight and Hawaiian Punch, though, an ounce of prevention tastes good, too."
 The published study in JAMA reports that researchers at Penn State's Milton S. Hershey Medical Center studied a group of 94 girls for 18 months, with one-half of the group receiving an average of 350 milligrams of extra calcium per day from FruitCal. The researchers found that the girls who received the extra calcium increased their rate of bone building by 20 percent. This study is particularly significant because it is the first time that bone building during adolescence has been followed in the same group of girls over time.
 This study with teenage girls is just the latest research showing the positive effects of calcium supplementation with FruitCal across age groups. A study published in July, 1992 in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that extra calcium from FruitCal significantly increased the gain of bone mass of children ages 6 to 12. A 1990 study in this same journal found FruitCal to be more effective than other sources of calcium at reducing bone loss in postmenopausal women, one of the primary at-risk groups for rapid bone loss and related fractures.
 P&G entered the U.S. juice drink market in 1989 by acquiring Sundor Brands, including Sunny Delight. Since then, P&G has built Sunny Delight into America's best-selling, chilled juice drink. In 1990, P&G purchased Hawaiian Punch. The Punica and Valensina brands were purchased as part of P&G's 1984 acquisition of Dittmeyer in Germany. These juice drinks, sold in Europe, now have calcium-versions too.
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