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Out in Montreal: a city on a page.

With two thirds of the populace French-speaking, Montreal is rightly dubbed the "Little Paris of North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. ." Even before Canada's gay marriage victory in June, the city's gay population (60,000 out of a total of 3 million) has benefited from the Quebec government's progressive legislation--notably, a 1977 human rights charter that included sexual orientation sexual orientation
The direction of one's sexual interest toward members of the same, opposite, or both sexes, especially a direction seen to be dictated by physiologic rather than sociologic forces.


Montreal is a fantastic walking town, with its best neighborhoods (OLD MONTREAL Old Montreal (or Vieux-Montréal in French) is the oldest area in the Canadian city of Montreal, dating back to colonial times.

Located in the borough of Ville-Marie, the area is usually thought of as being bounded to the west by McGill St.
, THE GAY VILLAGE, THE PLATEAU, MILE END) within a half hour's walk of each other. A walk up MOUNT ROYAL (more foothill than mountain) Is a must; at its peak you are rewarded with a stunning view--and a giant metal cross that lights up nightly (special purple light bulbs are set to illuminate on the evening of the Pope's death). ST. JOSEPH'S ORATORY, on the other side of Mount Royal, is the city's largest church and awesome enough to inspire religion In anyone. LAFONTAINE PARK, north of the Village, is particularly popular with gay men. Walk north up AMHERST STREET from the Village, taking in the antique and retro shops along the way, and then begin your sight-seeing cruise through the park. The MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (French: Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal) is a major art museum in Montreal, Canada. It was founded in 1860, making it Canada's oldest art institution.  is a city essential. Mark the GAY GAMES The Gay Games is the world's largest sporting and cultural event organized by LGBT athletes, artists, musicians, and others. Originally called the Gay Olympics,  on your calendar now, set for July 29 to August 5, 2006 (


The most luxurious hotel is a Montreal institution, the RITZ-CARLTON (1228 Sherbrooke West; 800-363-0366; doubles from $195). More modestly priced is the HOTEL BOURBON (1574 St. Catherine There are seven St. Catherines:
  • Saint Catherine of Alexandria (4th century)
  • Saint Catherine of Siena (Doctor of the Church, 1347-1380)
  • Saint Catherine of Bologna (1413-1463)
  • Saint Catherine of Ricci (1522-1590)
  • Saint Catherine of Sweden (circa 1332–1381)
 East; 800-268-4679; doubles from $80) in the Village. An ultra-affordable though charming option is BED & BREAKFAST DU VILLAGE (1279 Montcalm; 800-228-8455; doubles from $50, but reserve well in advance).


Montreal's Village neighborhood is filled with excellent gay-owned and gay-friendly establishments. PICCOLO piccolo, small transverse flute pitched an octave higher than the standard flute. Its tone is bright and shrill, and it can produce the highest notes in the orchestral range. The piccolo is used in orchestras and especially in military bands. See fife.  DIAVOLO (1336 St. Catherine East; 514-526-1336; $20 per person) is among the city's best Italian eateries (restrain yourself from asking for one Bf the hunky hun·ky 1  
n. pl. hun·kies Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a person, especially a laborer, from east-central Europe.
 waiters with your pasta). Although there's not much area at AREA (1429 Amherst; 514-890-6691; $20 per person), the 38-seat French bistro is always crowded. Fusion cuisine Fusion cuisine combines elements of various culinary traditions while not fitting specifically into any. The term generally refers to the innovations in many contemporary restaurant cuisines since the 1970s.

This type of restaurant's success depends on a number of factors.
 followers head to BAZOU (2004 Hotel de Ville; 514-982-0853; $20 per person), a funky place where dishes are named for automobiles (bazou translates as jalopy in French). LA PARYSE (302 Ontario; 514-842-2040), a lesbian-owned burger joint in a classic retro diner, serves extra-juicy burgers; In true lesbian-inclusive fashion, vegans can find veggie burgers here.


THE SKY (1474 St. Catherine East; 514-529-6969) is the limit when It comes to the right place to people-watch (and people-meet), especially over a pint in the late afternoon; it's also home to a popular nightclub. Close by is LA TRACK (1584 St. Catherine East; no phone), a darker (some might say raunchier) place to dance. The city's vibrant drag scene is on display at CABARET MADO MADO Maximum Achievable Diversity Order
MADO Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Outsourcing
 (1115 St. Catherine East; (514) 525-7566), a lounge-karaoke bar named for Montreal's celebrated drag personae. A mixed gay and lesbian crowd congregates at LE DRUGSTORE (1366 St. Catherine East; 514-524-1960), a three-story pub-club noted for eclectic decor and music. The city's finest lesbian bar is the chic PUB MAGNOLIA (1329 St. Catherine East; 514-526-6011). Montreal has also become a favorite stopover for circuit aficionados, with all-night parties taking place year-round (consult Bad Boy Club Montreal,


DORVAL airport is 30 minutes by cab from the city center (about $25). Airporter minivans and buses cost $10. The train station, GARE CENTRALE, is situated at De la Gauchatiere and Mansfield streets, 514-989-2626.

The subway system, the METRO, is clean, safe, and quiet (cars runs on rubber tires).

The GAY LINE, the ultimate reference for all things gay in town, operates nightly, 7-11 p.m., 514-866-5090. For tourist information tourist information - Information in an on-line display that is not immediately useful, but contributes to a viewer's gestalt of what's going on with the software or hardware behind it.  and links to gay Information sites consult

Fall is ideal, with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s.

For American and European tourists, the Canadian dollar hovers at about 72 cents U.S.

MATTHEW HAYS is definitely "out" in Montreal, as he proves in his piece about the city (page 69). Hays is associate editor and gay-issues reporter for the weekly Montreal Mirror.
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Author:Hays, Matthew
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Sep 30, 2003
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