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Orthopedic Braces and Orthopedic Support Devices Are the Product Segments Analyzed inside 'Orthopedic Orthotics - Global Strategic Business Report 2006'.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Orthopedic Orthotics orthotics /or·thot·ics/ (-iks) the field of knowledge relating to orthoses and their use.

 - Global Strategic Business Report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Orthopedic Orthotics in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are Orthopedic Braces and Orthopedic Support Devices. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2000 through 2010. The report profiles 112 companies including many key and niche players worldwide. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL URL
 in full Uniform Resource Locator

Address of a resource on the Internet. The resource can be any type of file stored on a server, such as a Web page, a text file, a graphics file, or an application program.
 research and reported select online sources.

Content Outline:




1. Market Profile

2. Product Overview

3. Product Launches

4. Recent Industry Activity

5. Focus on Select Players

6. Global Market Perspective


1. The United States

2. Canada

3. Japan

4. Europe

5. Asia-Pacific

6. Latin America

7. Rest of World


The Companies mentioned inside this report include:

* Acor Orthopaedic, Inc (USA)

* Adhesia Laboratoire SAS (1) (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, A software company that specializes in data warehousing and decision support software based on the SAS System. Founded in 1976, SAS is one of the world's largest privately held software companies. See SAS System.  (France)

* Aircast, Inc (USA)

* Alimed, Inc (USA)

* Allied OSI (1) (Open System Interconnection) An ISO standard for worldwide communications that defines a framework for implementing protocols in seven layers. Control is passed from one layer to the next, starting at the application layer in one station, proceeding to the  Labs (USA)

* Anatomical Concepts, Inc (USA)

* Apex Foot Health Industries (USA)

* Apothecaries Sundries sun·dries  
Articles too small or numerous to be specified; miscellaneous items.

[From sundry.
 Mfg, Co (India)

* Basko Healthcare (The Netherlands)

* Basko Healthcare (Germany)

* Bauerfeind AG Schweiz (Switzerland)

* Bauerfeind Orthopaedie Gmbh & Co Kg (Germany)

* Bauerfeind USA, Inc (USA)

* Bauerfeind France SARL SARL South African Radio League
SARL Société Anonyme à Responsabilité Limitée (French: limited liability company)
SARL Salem Animal Rescue League (Salem, NH)
SARL Sociedade Anónima de Responsabilidade Limitada

* Bauerfeind Iberica SA (Spain)

* Bauerfeind GmbH &Co Filiale Italiana (Italy)

* Bauerfeind UK (UK)

* Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co, (USA)

* Becton Dickinson and Company (USA)

* Beiersdorf, Inc (USA)

* Biomet, Inc (USA)

* Bird & Cronin, Inc (USA)

* Bledsoe Brace Systems (USA)

* Bodyline
For information about the British code name Bodyline for the WWII V-2 rocket, see Operation Crossbow.

Bodyline, also known as fast leg theory
 Comfort Systems (USA)

* Bodyworks, Inc (USA)

* Bolt Systems, Inc (USA)

* Brandes & Diesing (Germany)

* C D Denison Orthopedic Appliance Corp (USA)

* Camp Healthcare (USA)

* Cascade Orthopedic Supply (USA)

* Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc (USA)

* Coopercare Lastrap Inc (Canada)

* Cramer Products, Inc (USA)

* Darco International, Inc (USA)

* Deroyal Industries, Inc (USA)

* Detensor Dorsal Orthotic orthotic /or·thot·ic/ (or-thot´ik) serving to protect or to restore or improve function; pertaining to the use or application of an orthosis.

Of or relating to orthotics.
 Device (Germany)

* DJ Orthopedics, Inc (USA)

* DM Systems, Inc (USA)

* D-Med, Inc (USA)

* E Left & Co GmbH (Germany)

* Encore Medical Corp (USA)

* Chattanooga Group (USA)

* Exactech, Inc (USA)

* FLA FLA Florida (old style)
FLA Macromedia Flash (file extension)
FLA Flash Files (file extension)
FLA Fair Labor Association
FLA Front Line Assembly
 Orthopedics, Inc (USA)

* Foot Levelers Levelers or Levellers, English Puritan sect active at the time of the English civil war. The name was apparently applied to them in 1647, in derision of their beliefs in equality. , Inc (USA)

* Foot Management, Inc (USA)

* Foot Science International Ltd (New Zealand)

* Frank Stubbs Co, Inc (USA)

* Freeman Manufacturing Co (USA)

* Galveston Medical Mfg (USA)

* Genesis Biomedical Ltd (Australia)

* Groupe Lepine (France)

* Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc (USA)

* Hapad, Inc (USA)

* Helmut Roeck GmbH (Germany)

* Hosmer Dorrance Corp (USA)

* Innovation Sports (USA)


* IVF IVF in vitro fertilization.

in vitro fertilization

IVF 1 In vitro fertilization, see there 2. Intravascular fluid
 Hartmann AG (Switzerland)

* Jacesystems (USA)

* Jobri LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control

* Juzo (USA)

* Langer, Inc (USA)

* Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc (USA)

* Lohmann & Rauscher International GmbH & Co, KG (Germany)

* Lohmann & Rauscher Inc (USA)

* Maramed Orthopedic Systems (USA)

* Medassist Group (USA)

* Medi Bayreuth (Germany)

* Medicus (Canada)

* Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products, Inc (USA)

* Mmar Medical Group, Inc (USA)

* M-Pact Worldwide LLC (USA)

* Mueller Sports Medicine Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc. is a family-owned business started in 1961 by Curt Mueller, a former University of Wisconsin-Madison men's basketball player.

Early offerings such as M-Tape®, M-Wrap®, the Medi-Kit™ trainer's kit, and Quench® Mist proved to be training
, Inc (USA)

* Ndl Products, Inc (USA)

* Nippon Sigmax Co, Ltd (Japan)

* Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc (USA)

* Orfit Industries (Belgium)

* Ormed GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

* Ormed AG (Switzerland)

* Ormed Sarl (France)

* Ortho Active Appliances Ltd (Canada)

* Orthofix International NV (The Netherlands)

* Breg Bracing (USA)

* Orthofix, Inc (USA)

* Orthofix Ltd (UK)

* Orthomerica Products, Inc (USA)

* Ossur HF (Iceland)

* Ossur USA, Inc (USA)

* Otto Bock Healthcare GMBH (Germany)

* Otto Bock Health Care, Inc (USA)

* Paul Hartmann AG (Germany)

* Philadelphia Cervical Collar Company (USA)

* PMT See photomultiplier tube.  Corporation (USA)

* Professional Products, Inc (USA)

* Proteor Handicap Technologie (France)

* Rehabilicare (UK) Ltd (UK)

* Remploy Healthcare (UK)

* Restorative Care Of America, Inc (USA)

* Royce Medical Products (USA)

* RSL RSL - RAISE Specification Language  Steeper (UK)

* Salts Healthcare (UK)

* Schein Orthopaedie Service KG (Germany)

* Scholl

* Scott Orthotic Labs, Inc (USA)

* Seattle Systems, Inc (USA)

* Shilac Japan (Japan)

* Smith & Nephew PLC (UK)

* Smith & Nephew Inc, Orthopaedic Div (USA)

* Smith & Nephew Medical Limited (UK)

* Southwest Technologies, Inc (USA)

* Spenco Medical Corp (USA)

* Sporlastic GmbcH (Germany)

* Statfab (USA)

* Stryker Corporation (USA)

* SWB SWB Stadtwerke Bonn
SWB Scranton Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania region)
SWB Short Wheel Base
SWB Southwestern Bell
SWB Subjective Well-Being (psychology)
SWB Switchboard
SWB Social Well-Being
 Elbow Brace Ltd (USA)

* Synthes Stratec (Switzerland)

* Tagg Industries (USA)

* Tartan Orthopedics, Ltd (USA)

* Tetra Medical Supply Corp (USA)

* Thuasne Group (France)

* Thuasne North America (USA)

* Thuasne (Japan)

* Thuasne Deutschland GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

* Thuasne Italia (Italy)

* Townsend Design (USA)

* UCO UCO Universidad de Córdoba (University of Cordoba, Spain)
UCO University of Central Oklahoma
UCO Université Catholique de l'Ouest
UCO Used Cooking Oil
UCO Use Classes Order
UCO Under Cover Of
UCO United Cooperatives of Ontario
 International (USA)

* United Pacific Industries Pty, Ltd (Australia)

* Urosurge Medical (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

* US Orthotics, Inc (USA)

* Vernon-Carus, Ltd (UK)

* VQ Orthocare (USA)

* WFR/Aquaplast Corporation (USA)

* Wilh Jul Teufel Gmbh & Co Kg (Germany)

* Zimmer Holdings, Inc (USA)

* Zimmer Orthopaedic Surgical Products (USA)

* Zimmer Spine-Tech (USA)

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