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Organic field-effect transistors.


Organic field-effect transistors.

Ed. by Zhenan Bao and Joanna R. Groza.

CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Checking) An error checking technique used to ensure the accuracy of transmitting digital data. The transmitted messages are divided into predetermined lengths which, used as dividends, are divided by a fixed divisor.  / Taylor & Francis


616 pages



Optical science and engineering series; 128


The development of organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) has led to applications such as active matrix flat-panel displays, radio frequency identification See RFID.  cards, and a range of sensors. Along with the ability to be deposited on substrates at low temperatures, they perform at levels comparable to that of silicon thin film transistors. This collection of papers on the theories behind the applications and the applications themselves includes material on aspects of charge transport in organic semiconductors from a molecular perspective, charge transport in oligomers, charge transport physics of solution-processed organic field-effect transistors, selection and design of dielectric materials Dielectric materials

Materials which are electrical insulators or in which an electric field can be sustained with a minimal dissipation of power. Dielectrics are employed as insulation for wires, cables, and electrical equipment, as polarizable media for
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n See irregular feeding.


1. actions of herbivorous animals eating growing pasture or cereal crop.

2. area of pasture or cereal crop to be used as standing feed. See also pasture.
 incidence x-ray diffraction, scanning probe techniques, solution deposition of oligomers and polymers, inkjet printed OTFTs, soft lithography In technology, soft lithography refers to a set of methods for fabricating or replicating structures using "elastomeric stamps, molds, and conformable photomasks" (in the words of Rogers and Nuzzo, p. 50, as cited in "References"). , vacuum evaporated thin films and a range of applications, including those for radio frequency identification tags, organic transistor chemical sensors, flexible and large area e-skins and ORFTs for flat panel displays.

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