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Order expediting.

A new program for customers ordering floor riser-base systems has been launched by Middle Atlantic Adj. 1. middle Atlantic - of a region of the United States generally including Delaware; Maryland; Virginia; and usually New York; Pennsylvania; New Jersey; "mid-Atlantic states"
 Products of Riverdale, New Jersey Riverdale is a Borough in Morris County, New Jersey, United States. As of the United States 2000 Census, the borough population was 2,498.

Riverdale was incorporated as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 12, 1923, from portions of Pequannock
. The 48-Hour Turnaround Turnaround

A situation where a company that has had poor performance for an extended period of time experiences a positive reversal.

A speculator may profit from a turnaround if he or she accurately anticipates the improvement of a poorly performing company.
 program ensures that some products can be received by the customer within 48 hours of placing the order. Other products take only four days to manufacture and deliver, once ordered. The floor riser-base systems are designed for digital broadcast or command centers that require a high volume of cable to be pulled within a small space. All riser bases are seismic-certified for installations in geographic geographic /geo·graph·ic/ (je?o-graf´ik) in pathology, of or referring to a pattern that is well demarcated, resembling outlines on a map.


pertaining to geography.
 locations that are prone to seismic activity. Products eligible for 48-hour delivery include standard sizes of RIB rib, one of the slender, elongated, curved bones that compose the chest cage in higher vertebrates. Ribs occur in pairs, and are found in most vertebrates; however, in some lower vertebrates, including fishes, they run along the entire length of the backbone.  Series Riser Bases, VFEET, and ANGLES. Standard sizes of SRB Series Seismic Riser Bases and repeat custom RIB Series Riser Bases, VFEET, and ANGLES can be had in four days. Custom sizes of SRB Series Seismic Riser Bases, RIB Series Riser Bases, VFEET, and ANGLES will require seven days. 319

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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