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Optical transmission means no cables.

The Twin Probe System combines part setup and measurement with tool setting and broken tool detection. It uses the same optical receiver to process signals from a spindle-mounted OMP OMP

orotidine 5' monophosphate.

OMP decarboxylase
enzyme catalyzing the synthesis of uridine monophosphate, the first pyrimidine nucleotide essential for RNA structure.
40-2 inspection probe and OTS See Office of Thrift Supervision.  tool setting probe. Optical signal transmission enables system integration and a cable-free environment. The OTS tool setting probe is designed for broken tool detection and measurement of tool length and diameter. The cableless tool setter setter: see sporting dog.

Any of three breeds derived from a medieval hunting dog that would set (lie down) when it found birds so that it and the birds could be covered with a net. Setters have long hair on the ears, chest, legs, and tail.
 is suited to machines with twin pallets or rotary tables, which are challenging for hard-wired tool setter installation. Sealed to withstand harsh machine tool environments, the OMP40-2 also is resistant to false-triggering from shock and vibration. Renishaw, Inc., Hoffman Estates Hoffman Estates

A village of northeast Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Population: 49,700.
, IL

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