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Opening the ceiling of a century-old cabin.

A new angled ceiling between the old ceiling height and original roof adds a dramatic loftiness to this living room. Fourteen feet at its highest point, the new ceiling is punctuated by a 5- by 8-foot skylight well that is open to the skylight's apex almost 17 feet above the floor.

As the sketch shows, the angled ceiling's joists run from the top of a side wall and tie to rafters above the opposite side. Together, the joists and connecting rafters create shallow triangular trusses that reinforce the roof of the nearly 100-year-old house. (Spaces within the trusser made room to add insulation.)

In the flat ceiling section, the existing joists were cut and their weight was picked up by a beam running above the alcove with the built-in couch.

In the front wall of the room, four recycled French doors are fixed in place 8 inches above floor level. They act as windows where the front door used to be.

Moved to improve traffic flow, the entry is now to one side of the living room, beneath a new hip roof that wraps around the front and one side of the former cabin. This narrow roof shelters a front porch and a 5-1/2-foot-wide entry foyer that runs along the side and opens onto the rear of the remodeled room.

Opposite the entry, a short wing wall, thick enough for a prefab fireplace, divides the living room from a hall to the bedroom wing.

Suzanne and Stuart Jones of Portland designed and built their remodel.
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Date:Jan 1, 1986
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