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One-Write Plus Version 2.06.

One-Write Plus Version 2.06

In addition to a variety of product enhancements, this new release now includes SuperTrack[TM], allowing the user to track inventory and job costing. The One-Write Plus family of accounting software is modeled after the manual one-write system used by over five million small businesses today. SuperTrack, first introduced in One-Write Plus Money Matters, Great American's financial management program, allows users to easily track information specific to their business such as inventory, job costing, commissions, project hours, vehicles, etc. SuperTrack allows for more than one way of looking at information by giving users the flexibility to organize financial information according to their own needs. The SuperTrack feature is unique to Great American Software. Additional features in Version 2.06 include budgeting, bank reconciliation, speed search, quick set-up, laser printer support and more. Bank reconciliation allows users to match financial records to bank statements each month. The quick set-up feature allows users to quickly and easily create company files and begin writing checks in minutes. With budgting, Version 2.06 automatically generates or creates budget amounts for individual accounts and prints a budget report.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:May 1, 1990
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