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One million makes a difference.

There is no doubt that one of the greatest difficulties is watching a child, who has the brains and talent, try to make his dream come true but eventually falls behind because of financial means.

One Saskatchewan program, the One Life Makes A Difference Foundation, intends to make sure more youths don't suffer that fate.

"There are many people in this world doing good things with other people and we're just one," said Mo Bundon, cofounder with the Hill family and director of the foundation.

The One Life Makes A Difference Foundation, incorporated in 2006, identifies exceptional and/or at risk youths who have strong potential to move forward but are impeded by finances.

The foundation recently received a big boost from the Saskatchewan government, with the Crown Investment Corporation offering $1 million to help at risk youth obtain a university education.

"The government of Saskatchewan is proud to support our most valuable resource; Saskatchewan children," said Crown Corporations Minister Ken Cheveldayoff in a press release. "This money will help Saskatchewan children get on path for a bright and secure future."

Bundon said the additional dollars will not only help the small foundation fund children, but it will also help the foundation to get funding from other groups.

"Up until now we haven't had a lot of funding and what I've done is made contact with various inner-city schools in Regina primarily," said Bundon. "Since we have now received additional from the government of Saskatchewan through CIC

" I've spoke with a few other people and what I've said is I'm interested in talking to educators and parents."

Bundon also suggested that with money coming in to this extent, it could mean some positive changes for the foundation.

"I think now we are starting to work on sort of a new criteria. One is it will depend on how many people come forward," said Bundon.

Feedback from schools will help the board decide how to disperse the new funds. The larger number of dollars means the foundation will be able to help more children.

"I truly believe in what we say--One Life Makes A Difference. Every child, every human being has a dream and an opportunity to make a difference in the community that they live in and the world community," said Bundon.

"What I'm hoping for is that, and we have already seen this in students that we have helped, the greater confidence, greater ability and then they decide 'well I want to go on to university and I want to be a doctor or a teacher or a social worker' whatever it might be."

To find out more information about the One Life Makes A Difference or 1-306-777-0632


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