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One lucky reader must win... pounds 20,000 in cash.

THIS is day six of our great competition. The Evening Telegraph Evening Telegraph may refer to:
  • Evening Telegraph (Dundee), a Scottish newspaper, sister paper of The Courier
  • Evening Telegraph (Dublin), a now defunct Irish newspaper
 is going to change one lucky reader's life and it could be yours.

We are giving you the chance to scoop a fantastic pounds 20,000 prize.

Is lady luck on your side? If you think you're overdue OVERDUE. A bill, note, bond or other contract, for the payment of money at a particular day, when not paid upon the day, is overdue.
     2. The indorsement of a note or bill overdue, is equivalent to drawing a new bill payable at sight. 2 Conn. 419; 18 Pick.
 a nice National Lottery lottery, scheme for distributing prizes by lot or other method of chance selection to persons who have paid for the opportunity to win. The term is not applicable when lots are drawn without payment by the interested parties to determine some matter, e.g.  bonus or that it's time Ernie randomly picked your Bond number or maybe your 10 crosses on the pools need to come in - then this could be your lucky day?

One winner will walk away with a guaranteed pounds 20,000!

You might be looking to make a move on the property market, or perhaps you're after a holiday home in the sun. Maybe you just want to escape from all those debts and take a year out from having to scrimp scrimp ¬†
v. scrimped, scrimp·ing, scrimps

To economize severely.
1. To be excessively sparing with or of.

2. To cut or make too small or scanty.
 and save to pay them.

One thing's for sure, if you are our winner the choice will be yours!

You might be looking to pay off your mortgage, get a super new car, pay off your utility bills for a year or go on that dream holiday you have always wished for. With this sort of money you could even have a year off work.


TO have a chance of winning it couldn't be easier. Over the next four weeks we will be printing a token every day and you will need to collect 20 tokens in total. Attach them to the entry form which will appear on the last day of the competition on Saturday, October 5.

So make sure you get your Evening Telegraph every day this week and keep collecting the tokens.


CASH BONUS: You could spend pounds 20,000 on a luxury kitchen if you're our lucky winner
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Title Annotation:Competitions/Offers
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 14, 2002
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