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One cheer for David Frum.

The author of "Unpatriotic Conservatives" has parted ways with National Review. Has the Canadian expatriate who excommunicated Pat Buchanan and Robert Novak from American conservatism now been excommunicated himself?

Perhaps not. Frum says he's leaving to launch his own group blog, New Majority. com. But there are some indications that NR has become too dogmatically Bushian even for David Frum. In a farewell message he writes, "I cannot be blind to the evidence that we have seen free markets produce some damaging and dangerous results in recent years. Or that the foreign policy I supported has not yielded the success I would have wished to see." Frum is no friend of traditionalists or noninterventionists. But give him credit for contemplating his mistakes. If only the rest of the movement would do the same.

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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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