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On move to NTC: 599th Transportation Group works alongside commercial partners to move equipment.

Preparing Soldiers for war can a daunting daunt  
tr.v. daunt·ed, daunt·ing, daunts
To abate the courage of; discourage. See Synonyms at dismay.

[Middle English daunten, from Old French danter, from Latin
 task, but with the help of Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command commercial partners, getting the equipment there can be one less burden for unit commanders.

In April more than 5,000 Soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division based at Schofield Barracks bar·rack 1  
tr.v. bar·racked, bar·rack·ing, bar·racks
To house (soldiers, for example) in quarters.

1. A building or group of buildings used to house military personnel.
, Hawaii, deployed to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif., to prepare for their upcoming year of combat duty in Iraq; taking with them more than 1,700 pieces of equipment ranging from containers to Chinook Chinook, indigenous people of North America
Chinook (shĭnk`, chĭ–), Native American tribe of the Penutian linguistic stock.

With the assistance of carriers Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, Matson Navigation and Horizon Lines, as well as the support of Soldiers and civilians from the 599th Transportation Group, the equipment received end-to-end visibility and management.

"The last segment of the end-to-end visibility from Continental United States United States territory, including the adjacent territorial waters, located within North America between Canada and Mexico. Also called CONUS.  ports to Fort Irwin was a joint effort between the Group and the 834th Transportation Battalion out of Concord, Calif.," said Rich Wilson This article or section needs sources or references that appear in reliable, third-party publications. Alone, primary sources and sources affiliated with the subject of this article are not sufficient for an accurate encyclopedia article. , 599th Transportation Group deputy assistant chief of staff for operations. "Jointly manned Deployment and Distribution Support Teams closely monitored vessel discharge and linehaul operations."

Vessel uploads took place between April 2 and 16 at the ports of Honolulu and Fleet Industrial Supply Center Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor, land-locked harbor, on the southern coast of Oahu island, Hawaii, W of Honolulu; one of the largest and best natural harbors in the E Pacific Ocean. In the vicinity are many U.S. military installations, including the chief U.S.  for onward movement through ports at Long Beach, Calif. and San Diego to the final destination at the Army desert combat training facility.

"This training rotation is critical as the 25th heads over to the OIF OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom
OIF Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (French: International Organization of Francophonie)
OIF Office for Intellectual Freedom (American Library Association) 
 combat zone almost immediately after they return to Hawaii," said Col. Kathi Kreklow, 599th Transportation Group commander. "The ability to move their cargo to meet the requested delivery date is the prime driver in synchronizing the training schedule to ensure equipment is available to use on day one--one day late impacts readiness and a missed opportunity to prepare our Soldiers for battle."

"For the 599th, this is where we add value to the warfighter, ensuring what they need gets there when they need it," she said. "If we execute our core competency with precision, the 25th doesn't have to worry about getting their stuff on time and can focus on preparing for war; it's that simple."

SDDC SDDC Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (formerly Military Traffic Management Command)
SDDC Single Data Device Correction
 teams ensure complete management of surface movement and offer expert experience to service components during moves such as this. "Having the 834th located in California is ideal for covering down on NTC NTC Notice
NTC National Training Center
NTC National Telecommunications Commission
NTC National Transport Commission (Australia)
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
NTC Naval Training Center
 rotations from Hawaii; they are highly efficient surface distribution managers who are familiar with the strict state regulatory requirements," said Wilson.

Maj. Andrew Preston, executive officer for the 3rd Brigade, said the support of the carriers and 599th team will assist in accomplishing successful training for this summer's mission. Nearly 3,000 of the Soldiers participating in the training are from the 3rd Brigade.

They are joined by 480 soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team The brigade combat team (BCT) is the basic deployable unit of maneuver in the US Army. A brigade combat team consists of one combat arms branched maneuver brigade, and its attached support and fire units. , and an additional 1,000 pilots from the 25th Infantry Division's Combat Aviation Brigade along with 60 Black Hawk, CH-47 Chinook and UH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters from Wheeler Army Air Field.

The National Training Center is designed to focus on counterinsurgency coun·ter·in·sur·gen·cy  
Political and military strategy or action intended to oppose and forcefully suppress insurgency.

 training. NTC trains the transformed Army by conducting force-on-force and live-fire training for ground and aviation brigades in a joint scenario across the spectrum of conflict, using a live-virtual-constructive training model, as portrayed by a highly lethal and capable Opposing Force and controlled by an expert and experienced Operations Group.

The brigade and its joint partners use the full complement of its combat, combat support and combat service support systems in an expanded NTC maneuver area that has multiple urban operations sites and portrays the complexity and human dimension of the modern battlefield. NTC has a post-mobilization mission as a center capable of accepting, training, and deploying divisions or separate brigades.

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Author:Mack, Robin
Date:Jun 22, 2006
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