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On land, in air, around the world, you may well be drinking Drie Mollen.

On land, in air, around the world, you may well be drinking Drie Mollen

If one tried to put a single descriptive word on the Drie Mollen company, it might likely be 'versatile'. This is apt because the Netherland's second largest coffee roasting and tea packing business has, in recent years, become engaged in a rich array of coffee and tea markets that has given it new commercial strength, not only in Holland but abroad as well. One of these activities, products for airlines, means too the Drie Mollen coffees and teas are being consumed quite literally around the clock, around the globe.

Versatility for Drie Mollen entails producing and marketing an extensive range of contemporary coffee and tea products for the retail sector under its own brand names in the Netherlands and in other European nations; offering a complete line of brands for food service operations in several national markets; providing a complete office coffee/tea service program-products and machines; acting as one of Europe's leading sources for private label/store brand coffee and tea products; and, as mentioned above, providing airline coffee/tea service products.

Drie Mollen's own brand-names include the range of Gala coffees and teas - principally in the Netherlands and the U.K. - Princes teas (retail and food service) Mill House (food service and including the special sachets for airline service) and Moment, the company's line of instant coffees.

In coffee, Drie Mollen offers a range of roasted qualities to cover the spectrum of price/quality segments, including decaffeinated. The instant line includes freeze dried, granural and spray dried products. The tea line extents through classic black teas to flavored and herbal teas. These productions come in a boggling array of packaging sizes and styles that, in effect, fulfill the entire contemporary market spectrum.

Such versatility in production and packaging styles has clearly given Drie Mollen a competitive strength, not only in providing its own brands to several market sectors and national markets, but in serving the quite varied demands of private label customers as well. In truth, its market presences are almost as various as its product formats and styles. While Drie Mollen's Gala coffee and tea brands hold a stable second place in the Dutch retail market, behind Douwe Egberts Van Nelle, the company is increasingly active in international markets and has seen impressive expansion in private label and catering activities.

In Drie Mollen exports, France leads, primarily for instant and private label products. Poland (roasted coffee) and the U.K. (for house brands and distributor labels) are other prime foreign markets. Scandinavia in sum follows in importance, foremost for Princess tea; Sweden is also for Drie Mollen private label coffees and instant; Norway for private label and instant. Israel is important to Drie Mollen for catering and retail; Greece for roasted and instant coffees. The list goes on.

Although coffee remains the company's foremost commercial activity, it may be news to some that Drie Mollen tea has been making important gains based largely on the international success of the Princess teas. The Princess brands were first launched in Finland and with such impact that they have spread throughout Scandinavia and have in fact only just recently been introduced in the Netherlands itself. It may further surprise many to learn that in recent years the firm's private label business - in roasted and instant coffees and teas - has boomed to surpass is traditional brand and catering business. While the sector continues to expand, Drie Mollen also expects to see a renewed emphasis on its branded lines - the Gala, Princess, Mill House and Moment names - particularly in context of a unified EC market-place. The company also foresees growth in its fancy food labels, such as the new espresso brand Bravissimo.

Drie Mollen's air business remains of special importance and is also expanding. Currently, the company is supplying its unique Mill House and Princess air service sachets to 25 airlines, including KLM, Iberia, Quantas, Cathay Pacific, Aer Linghus, Northwest and America West.

Drie Mollen is a private holding of related companies. The most notable of these are Drie Mollen Sinds 1818 BV, the original company still headquartered in s'Hertogenbosch and with production at a plant in Bolsward, the Netherlands; Veka, based in the Hague, and well known internationally for its line of aromatic teas and coffees; and Gala U.K., a British subsidiary with a production plant in Dartford.

And for those needing to brush up on their Dutch; yes indeed, 'Drie Mollen' means the three moles, and refers to the name of the street in old Den Bosch where the company first opened up shop as a speciality store in 1818.

PHOTO : Export manager for Drie Mollen, Robert Doff has responsibility for the Dutch company's ever increasing presence in international retail, catering, and private label coffee and tea markets.
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