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Provision of Racing, Gaming & Liquor Service Delivery Arrangement to Indian Ocean Territories. Jan 20, 2015 124
Study raises an alarm for life in oceans. Zimmer, Carl Jan 16, 2015 1133
Maintenance of green areas of the market iofc (indian ocean professional campus). Jan 16, 2015 203
British Indian Ocean Territory : VIRGIN ATLANTIC appoints Figliulo&Partners as Creative AOR. Jan 15, 2015 182
Abu Dhabi - Crude Oil Exports Via Indian Ocean. Jan 12, 2015 268
MALDIVES IN; Rebecca Burns finds more than sun, sea and sand in the Indian Ocean islands...I took the plunge for a dive of a lifetime in the Maldives. Jan 10, 2015 1591
MALDIVES IN; Rebecca Burns finds more than sun, sea and sand in the Indian Ocean islands...I took the plunge for a dive of a lifetime in the Maldives. Jan 10, 2015 1596
MALDIVES IN; Rebecca Burns finds more than sun, sea and sand in the Indian Ocean islands...I took the plunge for a dive of a lifetime in the Maldives. Jan 10, 2015 1596
Japan : IHI, TOSHIBA selected to conduct ocean energy turbines research project. Dec 27, 2014 233
Tsunami earthquake risk was 'significantly underestimated' Unseen images to mark anniversary of the disaster; 10 years ago today, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean led to the tsunami which claimed more than 200,000 lives. Here we look at the impact of the disaster and hear from survivors. Dec 26, 2014 966
10 years have passed since Indian Ocean tsunami. Obituary Dec 26, 2014 233
El Nino Threatens Australia As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise. Dec 24, 2014 362
Australia : Australia to take part in Southern Ocean whale research voyage. Dec 16, 2014 200
El NiA[+ or -]o Finally Forms In Pacific Ocean 6 Japan Meteorological Agency. Dec 11, 2014 346
Commander: Iranian Navy Plans to Deploy in Atlantic Ocean Soon. Dec 8, 2014 311
Ocean Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle to Narrate IMAX Theater Film "Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean". Dec 8, 2014 880
BEAUTY & THE BEASTS; A safari through Kenya took our writer from big cats in nature reserves to the shores of the Indian Ocean. Dec 6, 2014 1061
Indonesia : International Conference on the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System 10 years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Conference news Dec 2, 2014 416
Another Human Footprint in Ocean, Rising Anthropogenic Nitrate Levels. Dec 1, 2014 532
Length-weight relationships and condition factors of the Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) from the gulf of California and the Pacific ocean. Ferreri, Gaston A. Bazzino Report Dec 1, 2014 6907
Pakistan can't remain oblivious on development in Indian Ocean. Nov 19, 2014 575
Warmest Oceans Ever Recorded. Nov 15, 2014 346
China,Peru : PERU wins CHINA's support to build railroad connecting ATLANTIC and PACIFIC oceans. Nov 14, 2014 132
COMANT: Comminution dating of glacio-marine sediments in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Nov 14, 2014 337
Ocean Electric, Inc. Presents Renewable Energy Technology and Project Plans at Oregon Wave Energy Trust Conference. Conference news Nov 7, 2014 458
Provision of travel agency services for the agency health indian ocean ars-oi. Oct 30, 2014 165
UHF Satellite Capability Indian Ocean Region. Oct 29, 2014 106
Ocean and Industry Celebrities, Artists, Explorers, Policymakers and 'Eco-preneurs' to gather at BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit November 3-9. Oct 23, 2014 1437
Procurement Services for the Indian Ocean Territories and Norfolk Island Airservices. Oct 22, 2014 122
Southern Ocean County Chamber redefines Beach Culture in new promotional campaign. Oct 21, 2014 560
LDC and The Arctic University of Norway Collaborate to Discover New Medicines from the Arctic Ocean. Oct 13, 2014 638
Flight MH370 May Not Be In Indian Ocean, Says Airline Expert. Oct 13, 2014 476
MH370 search resumes in Indian Ocean. Oct 6, 2014 318
NASA Study Finds Earth's Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed. Oct 6, 2014 981
Sea trash defies ocean boundaries: plastic garbage swirls around globe, obscuring its sources. Mole, Beth Oct 4, 2014 438
Sri Lanka : Cabinet approves establishing a Centre of Excellence on Ocean Sciences. Oct 3, 2014 252
MH370 Search Update: Was Reported That Experts Claim To Know The Possible Location; Suggest Authorities To Look 'Further South In The Indian Ocean'. Oct 2, 2014 461
Inland & Ocean Marine: Everything You Need to Know. Oct 2, 2014 2145
Malaysian Flight MH370 Latest Update: New Search Images Reveal Unknown Seabed Details In The Indian Ocean [Watch Video]. Oct 1, 2014 493
Obama creates vast Pacific Ocean marine reserve. Sep 26, 2014 169
Two oceans implicated in warming lull: along with Pacific, Atlantic and Southern may stash missing heat. Mole, Beth Sep 20, 2014 571
Humans tripled ocean's mercury. Mole, Beth Brief article Sep 20, 2014 170
The International Seakeepers Society Will Conduct a Weeklong Expedition Off the Coast of Miami with CARTHE and Fleet Miami to Study Ocean Monitoring Devices. Sep 15, 2014 459
MH370 Search Update: Wreckage Found In Indian Ocean To Be Verified. Sep 15, 2014 375
Ocean advocate calls for eco awareness in Oman (Video). Aug 26, 2014 469
World Needs to Do More to Protect Threatened Oceans: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Aug 13, 2014 305
EAS Reducing Pollution and Rebuilding Degraded Marine Resources in the East Asian Seas through Implementation of Intergovernmental Agreements and Catalyzed Investments (PROGRAM). Aug 7, 2014 116
Lewis Pugh Aims to Be First to Undertake Long Distance Swim in Seven Seas. Aug 5, 2014 1768
Western Indian Ocean LMEs Strategic Action Programme Policy Harmonization and Institutional Reforms SAPPHIRE Project. Aug 1, 2014 129
Dear EarthTalk: Recent news coverage of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 reminded us all again of how much debris, including plastic, is in our oceans. Ainsworth, Margaret Jul 27, 2014 542
Fiji : Fiji delegation to international seabed authority calls for dedication to healthy oceans. Jul 25, 2014 427
United Kingdom : Study provides new insight into Southern Ocean behaviour. Jul 22, 2014 432
United States : NASA Kicks Off Field Campaign to Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle. Jul 18, 2014 419
NASA Kicks Off Field Campaign to Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle. Jul 17, 2014 1060
NASA to Hold Briefing on Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle Field Campaign. Jul 14, 2014 374
Teen targets Pacific Ocean 'plastic soup' menace. Jul 10, 2014 579
India : Tsunami Warning System in Indian Ocean. Jul 10, 2014 273
The new sea floor search for missing flight MH370 off the Western Australian Indian Ocean cost. Jul 8, 2014 138
Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages. Jun 28, 2014 342
Protecting cashes ledge: remarkable ocean habitat under threat. Brooks, Priscilla Jun 22, 2014 565
Trailblazer in the ocean depths: Alvin celebrates 50 years of pioneering accomplishments. Madin, Kate; Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2014 4019
Obama's ocean legacy. Jun 18, 2014 479
Obama setting aside massive area for Pacific Ocean preserve. Lederman, Josh Jun 18, 2014 627
U.S. Secretary of State Urges Global Strategy on Oceans. Jun 17, 2014 257
Climate Change and Ocean Currents Linked. Jun 13, 2014 398
Climate Change: Australia Advised to Brace for More Devastating Indian Ocean Weather Events; Expect More and Severe Drought, Bushfires, Floods. Jun 13, 2014 583
Warming climates could increase ocean greenhouse gas. Jun 11, 2014 277
Rising Global Warming Speeds Up Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Ocean Waters. Jun 11, 2014 433
Fish freed on World Oceans Day to boost numbers. Jun 9, 2014 378
Youthful Promise for the Ocean Sealed with 50 Trees Plantation World Oceans Day 2014 Dubai, UAE 7th June 2014. Jun 9, 2014 525
Warming climate adding to Co2 levels released by oceans: Study. Jun 9, 2014 241
Warming Climates: More Ocean Greenhouse Gas. Jun 9, 2014 381
Carnival Foundation Donates $2.5 Million to The Nature Conservancy to Advance Preserving Health of World's Oceans and Seas. Jun 5, 2014 1038
ESL's Ocean Energy Research Highlighted in Recent Providence Business News Article. Jun 5, 2014 389
Today's ocean acidification outpacing 56m year-old ancient upheaval. Jun 3, 2014 392
Kiwi ocean search expert vows to find MH370 if handed over search task. Jun 1, 2014 232
Assessment of monthly total ozone values allocation changes in the atmosphere in account of superficial temperatures variations of significant regions of the Atlantic ocean. Holoptsev, Alexander Vadimovich; Bolshikh, Alexander Vladislavovich; Vyacheslavovna, Bekirova Valeri Report Jun 1, 2014 2879
Ocean bacteria may have shut off ancient global warming: mineral spikes in seafloor sediments coincide with halt in temperature rise. Popkin, Gabriel May 31, 2014 400
Australia rules out swathe of ocean as MH370 crash zone. May 29, 2014 774
NIWA Scientists Find Bigger Waves Cause Arctic Ice Break; Trillions of 'Microplastics' to be Released in World's Oceans. May 29, 2014 336
Study Says California Kelp Bears No Signs of Ocean-Borne Radiation from Japan's Fukushima; Worst of Fears Could Be Over. May 15, 2014 339
Voyage to Pacific Ocean bottom ends with loss of multimillion-dollar robotic vehicle. May 13, 2014 412
Belgium : EU eyes oceans innovation as source of sustainable growth. May 9, 2014 454
EU eyes oceans innovation as source of sustainable growth. May 8, 2014 265
EU eyes oceans innovation as source of sustainable growth. May 8, 2014 262
Ireland : 50 jobs to be created in Kildare by Cathx Ocean after Texas deals agreed as part of trade mission Minister Bruton. May 8, 2014 451
NASA Scientists: Jupiter's Moon Ganymede May Have Ice and Liquid Oceans, Largest Moon Can Support Life? May 6, 2014 381
Sea hides below Enceladus' ice: gravity maps of Saturn moon reveal ocean of liquid water. Crockett, Christopher May 3, 2014 576
Jupiter's moon Ganymede may have 'club sandwich' of ice and oceans. May 2, 2014 205
170. Agosin, Marjorie Poem May 1, 2014 366
FUEL OF ENERGY; But ocean gas reserves are difficult to mine. Apr 28, 2014 357
Microscopic organism plays crucial role in ocean carbon cycling. Apr 25, 2014 292
Search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 deep in the Indian Ocean cut short due to technical problems. Apr 21, 2014 502
Deep-sea drone completed its first full scan of the Indian Ocean seabed looking for flight MH370. Apr 21, 2014 683
Deep-sea drone completed its first full scan of the Indian Ocean seabed looking for flight MH370. Apr 17, 2014 732
Search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 deep in the Indian Ocean cut short due to technical problems. Apr 16, 2014 551
Ocean floor search for missing Malaysia plane cut short again. Apr 16, 2014 534
Canada,United States : $20 million invested in SMART OCEANS BC to bring marine safety. Apr 16, 2014 265
Fish from acidic ocean less able to smell predators. Apr 14, 2014 277
Mini-submarine deployed to scour ocean depths in MH370 hunt. Apr 14, 2014 754
Search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is focusing on a small patch of the Indian Ocean. Apr 11, 2014 481
Chinese ship detects 'pulse signal' in Indian Ocean. Apr 5, 2014 159
Climate change may be slowing down deep ocean currents. Mar 22, 2014 252
Missing Malaysia Plane MH370: Search Continues in Turbulent Deep Ocean; What is 'Roaring Forties'? Mar 21, 2014 407
Southern Ocean iron cycle provides new insight into climate change. Mar 18, 2014 240
Australia narrows search area in southern Indian Ocean for missing jet. Mar 18, 2014 540
'Dinosaur-killing' asteroid also wiped out ocean species by triggering acid rain. Mar 11, 2014 265
How global warming affects oceans. Mar 3, 2014 346
China speeds up Indian Ocean exploration for minerals. Feb 28, 2014 169
Unstable Atlantic Deep Ocean Circulation? Feb 22, 2014 872
Belgium : Turning the tide on Europe's Oceans and Seas. Feb 21, 2014 464
Japan : MoU on Scientific Ocean Research Drilling. Feb 21, 2014 360
Chartering of ocean current research vessel. Feb 20, 2014 138
Cooler Pacific Ocean is causing global warming `pause'. Feb 11, 2014 271
Fish Biomass in Ocean Is Ten Times Higher than Estimated. Feb 8, 2014 522
Belgium : EC announces ambitious strategy for BLUE ENERGY; OCEAN ENERGY EUROPE to install 100,000 MW ocean energy by 2050. Feb 1, 2014 174
Bomb craters, alien landings not behind mysterious ocean circles off Baltic coast. Jan 31, 2014 464
Tectonics, sinkholes may have shaped Titan's landscape: map reveals clues about the origin of seas and lakes on Saturn's largest moon. Rosen, Meghan Jan 25, 2014 511
Large landmasses emerged from oceans 2,700 million years ago. Jan 16, 2014 292
Dear EarthTalk: I recently heard the term "ocean sprawl," which was a new one on me. Jan 5, 2014 569
Dan Brayton. Shakespeare's Ocean: An Ecological Exploration. Bowman, Elizabeth Kelley Book review Dec 22, 2013 926
United States : Chelton Receives 2013 Award for Achievements in Ocean Remote Sensing. Dec 12, 2013 395
Chelton Receives 2013 Award for Achievements in Ocean Remote Sensing. Dec 11, 2013 536
Vast Freshwater Reserves Discovered Beneath Ocean Holds Promise for Reducing Drought Impacts. Dec 9, 2013 538
United Kingdom : Ocean crust pillow lavas could store many centuries of industrial CO2. Dec 6, 2013 412
Fancy a job spent studying life on the ocean wave? Dec 5, 2013 407
Fancy a job spent studying life on the ocean wave? Careers in oceanography Sue Kelbrick on a career suited to those with a love of the open seas. Dec 5, 2013 392
Rising ocean acidification leading to anxious fish. Dec 5, 2013 316
Pacific Ocean expedition yields unexpected clues to mysteries of ocean. Dec 4, 2013 274
Oceans and marine resources in a changing climate; a technical input to the 2013 National Climate Assessment. Book review Dec 1, 2013 159
Climate Change and the Oceans. Book review Dec 1, 2013 167
How whales successfully adapted to oceans. Nov 25, 2013 269
Could seas hold the key deal? to CO2. Nov 15, 2013 166
Human emissions of CO2 causing rapid acidification of oceans. Nov 15, 2013 253
Acid Oceans to Hurt World Economies by End of Century. Nov 14, 2013 374
Oceana Receives 5 Million Dollar Grant from the Arcadia Fund to Protect Ocean Biodiversity Around the World. Nov 13, 2013 967
How ocean and land precipitation is causing global warming. Nov 12, 2013 344
NORWAY - Ocean Food-web Patrol Climate Effects: Reducing Targeted Uncertainties with an Interactive Network. (OCEAN-CERTAIN). Nov 4, 2013 292
'Oceans absorbing excess heat from global warming'. Nov 1, 2013 356
Deadly Irukandji Jellyfish 'to Become a Global Threat' as Oceans Warm. Oct 28, 2013 452
Nations debate giant Antarctic ocean sanctuaries. Oct 23, 2013 621
Global ocean currents reveal why Northern Hemisphere is soggy. Oct 21, 2013 315
How Earth's rotation affects hurricanes and ocean currents. Oct 20, 2013 216
Oceans to be warmer by 2100. Oct 16, 2013 375
Plastic waste threatens lakes as well as oceans. Oct 9, 2013 243
Warming hiatus tied to cool Pacific: air temperature plateau caused by natural variation in oceans. Wayman, Erin Oct 5, 2013 380
Warmer oceans may up mercury levels in fish: study. Oct 5, 2013 219
Present ocean acidification at highest level since 300m years. Oct 4, 2013 305
Latest Review of Science Reveals Ocean in Critical State From Cumulative Impacts. Oct 3, 2013 444
Ocean Exchange Welcomes 10 Top Solutions Inspiring Action Presenters to Savannah, Georgia. Sep 30, 2013 715
Greenland Sea warming faster than world's oceans. Sep 26, 2013 378
Ocean of change. Sep 22, 2013 2118
Behold the 'plastisphere': colonies of microbes flourish on tiny bits in the ocean. Lippsett, Lonny Sep 22, 2013 563
An ocean that's no longer wild: tagging project aims to help conserve sharks and rays. Lippsett, Lonny Interview Sep 22, 2013 1732
Can squid abide ocean's lower pH? Experiments hint at harm to critical balance organs. Madin, Kate Sep 22, 2013 628
Pacific Ocean Studies Programs Scheduled for Spring 2014 for Students Wishing to Spend a Semester at Sea. Sep 15, 2013 373
Warm ocean water main culprit behind melting ice shelf. Sep 13, 2013 315
Ocean pollution is now a threat us all. Sep 9, 2013 232
TV show examines littered seas. Sep 9, 2013 300
Climate change will upset vital ocean chemical cycles. Sep 9, 2013 271
Meet the 'shark that can walk' on ocean bed! Aug 29, 2013 171
Acidifying oceans `set to heat Earth even more`. Aug 26, 2013 224
Acidification of ocean's adversely impacting sea animals' health. Aug 26, 2013 560
Global Warming: New Research Says Oceans Contribute to Climate Change [VIDEO]. Aug 26, 2013 326
Australia : Marine life spawns sooner as oceans warm. Aug 6, 2013 430
Warming oceans causing marine species to migrate towards North Pole. Aug 5, 2013 229
Deep currents and rising tides; the Indian Ocean and international security. Book review Aug 1, 2013 105
Direct estimation of disturbance rates of benthic macroinvertebrates from contact with standard and modified ocean shrimp (Pandalus jordani) trawl footropes. Hannah, Robert W.; Lomeli, Mark J.M.; Jones, Stephen A. Report Aug 1, 2013 3968
Australia : Rapid upper ocean warming linked to declining aerosols. Jul 22, 2013 459
ESL and JSR Micro Co-Exhibit Wave Energy Harvesting Technology at 2013 Energy Ocean International Conference. Conference news Jul 18, 2013 493
Greenhouse gas 'altering' ocean foodchain. Jul 3, 2013 362
Study into oceans' past raises concern about its future. Jun 15, 2013 317
Genome of global deep ocean being sequenced. Jun 13, 2013 372
Warm Ocean, Not Icebergs, Causing Most Of Antarctic Ice Shelves' Mass Loss. Jun 13, 2013 983
Underwater Photo Exhibit for World Oceans Day. Jun 7, 2013 776
Oceans Central to Peace, Sustainable Development in 21st Century. Jun 6, 2013 439
South Africa : Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi to launch the R12 million working for the coast project during World Oceans Day celebrations in Eastern Cape. Jun 5, 2013 229
Dear EarthTalk: What is the "All One Ocean" campaign? O'Neill, Bill Jun 2, 2013 536
Together, we must protect the oceans. Jun 1, 2013 435
Ireland : EU, U.S., Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance in Galway. May 25, 2013 453
Japanese deep-sea probe finds signs of lost continent in Atlantic Ocean. May 8, 2013 355
Carbon emissions 'rapidly acidifying' Arctic Ocean. May 7, 2013 257
Microbes flourish in deepest ocean: bacteria prosper despite crushing pressure, isolation. Kollipara, Puneet Brief article May 4, 2013 269
Canada : Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Confirm Detection of One Grass Carp in the Grand River near Lake Erie. May 3, 2013 373
Pew Applauds Implementation Plan for the National Ocean Policy. Apr 16, 2013 403
Arctic Ocean records all time fifth lowest wintertime sea ice extent. Apr 4, 2013 318
The ocean as a global system. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 222
Sharjah museums observe World Oceans Day. Mar 30, 2013 515
Local weather still in the grip of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Olszewksi, John Mar 22, 2013 649
Japan's triple disaster. Pacchioli, David Mar 22, 2013 1960
Radioisotopes in the ocean: what's there? How much? How long? Pacchioli, David Mar 22, 2013 1863
A New Dive Into The Ocean With DAVIDOFF Cool Water And National Geographic For 2013. Mar 21, 2013 1348
Ocean plankton absorbs nearly twice the carbon currently assumed. Mar 18, 2013 416
Fighting plastic litter in our oceans: a report by The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, and The Canadian Plastics Industry Association. Mar 1, 2013 1361
The iron hypothesis: new research finds that adding iron to the oceans to capture more carbon isn't worth the risk. Santisi, Jennifer Mar 1, 2013 594
Wiring the ocean with new technologies. Feb 18, 2013 277
Ocean energy panel provided good starting point. Feb 18, 2013 821
War isn't over yet in our oceans. Feb 14, 2013 509
Caterpillar to Sponsor OCEARCH, Performing Global Shark Research on the Ocean. Feb 14, 2013 856
Address the ravages of the oceans. Feb 11, 2013 1143
How salmon navigates through ocean to return to home river. Feb 8, 2013 675
Scientist's search for ocean secret; Newcastle Uni boffin heading off to Pacific. Jan 2, 2013 410
Cold water for ocean protection. Dec 23, 2012 428
Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation completes second research project in French Polynesia. Dec 12, 2012 652
Where She Is Now. Olds, Sharon Poem Dec 1, 2012 237
Unlocking the ocean's genomic secrets: efficient database solution helps J. Craig Venter institute tap big data analytic power without big price tag. Heaney, Michael Dec 1, 2012 1711
Oceans rising 60 percent faster than IPCC's latest estimate. Nov 28, 2012 424
Texas A&M Study Shows Ice Melt In Antarctica Aided By Warm Ocean Currents. Nov 28, 2012 920
Marine animals dissolving in Southern Ocean acid. Nov 26, 2012 359
Ocean currents play key role in predicting extent of Arctic sea ice. Nov 22, 2012 681
Jean-Michel Cousteau, Body Glove, And GES Announce Sponsorship Opportunities For New Project, Ocean Explorers. Nov 13, 2012 1215
Taiwan-Israel joint workshop on artificial intelligence and ocean science. Nov 9, 2012 429
Research and Markets: Elements of Ocean Engineering. Oct 30, 2012 567
Global warming may give Earth's oceans 'sound' of dinosaur era. Oct 19, 2012 370
Farewell to the first liner of Liverpool; Ocean Countess in her final departure. Oct 10, 2012 405
Wirelessly Connect with Sonardyne at Oceans '12. Oct 7, 2012 305
Archaea may be behind ocean's methane exhalations. Raloff, Janet Brief article Oct 6, 2012 113
My love is for the seventh wave. Smyth, Chris Oct 1, 2012 554
Fish getting smaller as oceans become warmer. Oct 1, 2012 341
We Own It: Russian Bishop 'Consecrates' Arctic Ocean. Sep 28, 2012 592
French ship discovers 1mn new species lurking deep in world's oceans. Sep 26, 2012 352
Savannah Ocean Exchange Announces Winners. Awards list Sep 24, 2012 714
Changes in stratosphere can alter ocean circulation and affect global climate. Sep 24, 2012 771
United States : NOAA announces grants to predict ocean acidification s effects on commercial fisheries. Sep 20, 2012 373
Current events: last year's tsunami in Japan sent tons of debris into the Pacific, and ocean currents are sending it our way. Sep 17, 2012 221
Newsroom star Sam makes headlines with sea conservation call; OVER-FISHING KILLING OUR OCEANS, SAYS US ACTOR. Sep 6, 2012 745
Huge volcanic eruptions killed ocean life before extinction of dinosaurs. Sep 6, 2012 571
Ocean World. Ulku, Alpay Poem Sep 1, 2012 410
Origin of ocean methane uncovered. Aug 31, 2012 716
Belgium : Seabed mapping: new opportunities for blue growth and jobs in seas and oceans. Aug 30, 2012 439
Scoring ocean health. Aug 28, 2012 405
UN chief launches initiative to protect oceans. Aug 12, 2012 299
Clams victimized as factories and cars take their toll on seas. Aug 7, 2012 800
How carbon gets stored in the Southern Ocean. Jul 30, 2012 321
More evidence for ancient Martian oceans found. Jul 28, 2012 640
Pacific Ocean Vitamin B Deficiency Threatens Food Chain: Study. Jul 25, 2012 330
Dumping iron in oceans 'may cure climate change'. Jul 19, 2012 530
The -est: lowest point getting higher. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Jul 14, 2012 107
Warning over acid in oceans. Jul 10, 2012 149
BIOS: Will Climate Change Cause Ocean Bacteria to Bloom? Jul 9, 2012 537
Some fish may be able to cope with rising CO2 in world's oceans. Jul 4, 2012 611
Saviour of the seas or the ruin of our fishermen? SPOTLIGHT ON MARINE CONSERVATION ZONES Fishermen along parts of the North Wales coast could face the prospect of tough new rules governing their rights to fish. ROB DAVIES looks at plans for Marine Conservation Zones. Jul 2, 2012 1201
Toxic seas 'spurred' extinctions of dinosaurs and many other species. Jul 2, 2012 542
United Nations urged member nations to boost their efforts to protect the world's oceans. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Jul 1, 2012 105
The call of the ocean. Helvarg, David Jul 1, 2012 722
New England ocean Odyssey: a journey beneath New England's waves. Jun 22, 2012 628
Treasure on Cashes Ledge: an ocean refuge in need of protection. Jun 22, 2012 868
Letter from the president. Kassel, John Brief article Jun 22, 2012 303
Sustaining life in Canada's seas. Burridge, Mary; Healy, Claire Jun 22, 2012 1111
Loblaw companies limited sponsors Canada's oceans & you as part of its commitment to the environment. Jun 22, 2012 213
Naked Oysters And Acid Ocean: New Global Warming Side Effects To Worry About. Jun 19, 2012 352
Humans played dominant role in ocean warming over past 50 years. Jun 12, 2012 474
UNESCO Calls to include Oceans in World Development Model. Jun 10, 2012 393
UN Chief Urges Rio+20 to conserve Oceans. Jun 10, 2012 312
Plastic particles in oceans 'more prevalent than thought'. Jun 10, 2012 318
TangaReef - Dive to Save the Oceans. Jun 8, 2012 403
Living Oceans Foundation Webcast live from the Galapagos on World Oceans Day. Jun 8, 2012 508
Sharjah museums observe World Oceans Day. Jun 7, 2012 515
NASA Discovers Unprecedented Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life. Jun 7, 2012 1047
NASA Discovery: Sea Life Burgeoning Under Thinning Ice Of Arctic Ocean. Jun 7, 2012 507
Plenty less fish in the sea; FLORIDA SNAPS SHOW HOW OCEAN LIFE IS DYING. May 19, 2012 671
Plenty less fish in the sea; FLORIDA SNAPS SHOW HOW OCEAN LIFE IS DYING. May 18, 2012 663
Plastic trash in oceans 'beneficial for water striders'. May 9, 2012 180
Rising seas, rising threat. O'Rourke, Morgan May 1, 2012 362
Under the sea. Belli, Brita Editorial May 1, 2012 499
This is your ocean on acid: as emissions continue to rise, the world's oceans are becoming corrosive, threatening shellfish, corals and the entire ocean food web. Belli, Brita Cover story May 1, 2012 3921
Resistant to change: ocean acidification is a product of our emissions, but there's little will to change our ways. Belli, Brita Interview May 1, 2012 965
Warm ocean currents behind majority of ice loss from Antarctica. Apr 26, 2012 721
In Time For Earth Day 2012 Holland America Line Debuts "Our Marvelous Oceans" Video Series In Partnership With Marine Conservation Institute. Apr 19, 2012 1195
Corals 'could cope with ocean acidification'. Apr 3, 2012 611
CO2 'was hidden in oceans during last Ice Age'. Mar 30, 2012 613
Carbon Dioxide Was Hidden in Ocean during Last Ice Age. Mar 30, 2012 656
Research and Markets: The Atmosphere and Ocean: A Physical Introduction (3rd Edition). Mar 22, 2012 466
James Cameron headed to ocean's deepest point in custom-built sub. Mar 22, 2012 484
The Beach House. Adams, Leslie (American poet) Poem Mar 22, 2012 166
A newfound cog in the ocean conveyor. Lippsett, Lonny Mar 22, 2012 737
Regional ocean planning: giving all ocean users a seat at the table. Mar 22, 2012 686
'Act now' to cut damage to oceans. Mar 21, 2012 120
Indian Ocean set stage for humans: temperature shifts dried out East Africa 2 million years ago. Witze, Alexandra Mar 10, 2012 487
Living Oceans Foundation Begins Coral Reef Research in Pedro Bank Jamaica. Mar 9, 2012 539
Living Oceans Foundation Begins Coral Reef Research in Pedro Bank Jamaica. Mar 9, 2012 523
Ocean Power Technologies to Present at the 24th Annual Roth Capital Conference in California on March 14, 2012. Conference news Mar 5, 2012 266
Acidic seas threaten survival of corals and shellfish. Mar 3, 2012 354
Ocean acidification rate fastest in 300m years owing to human emissions. Mar 2, 2012 810
Acidification alters fish behavior: higher carbon dioxide in oceans may affect brain chemistry. Raloff, Janet Feb 25, 2012 401
Hydrokinetic and Ocean Energy. Feb 9, 2012 2743
The atmosphere and ocean; a physical introduction, 3d ed. Book review Feb 1, 2012 121
Dear EarthTalk: I was horrified to read recently that our oceans are actually becoming acidic, that the continued burning of fossil fuels is changing the chemistry of our seas. Jan 29, 2012 575
Oceans acidified by human CO2 emissions far beyond natural levels. Jan 23, 2012 603
Microbes may help unlock secrets of Earth's ocean crust. Jan 11, 2012 374
Ocean Power Technologies to Present at the 14th Annual Needham Growth Conference in New York on January 11, 2012. Conference news Jan 9, 2012 273
Dear EarthTalk: I was horrified to read recently that our oceans are actually becoming acidic, that the continued burning of fossil fuels is changing the chemistry of our seas. Jan 9, 2012 575
The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation Presents a Symposium of Coral Reef Conservation in the Red Sea. Jan 8, 2012 626
House members debate new National Ocean Policy. Jan 1, 2012 684
Why is there salt in the ocean? Isaac, Sami Jan 1, 2012 118
Australia's enigmatic inland sea. Urban, Frank Report Jan 1, 2012 5380
Exotic creatures found living at deep-sea vent in Indian Ocean. Dec 29, 2011 393
A drop in the ocean is teeming with life: scientists reveal hidden relationships among marine microbes. Becker, Jamie Dec 22, 2011 2154
700 bottles of brine in the lab: where does toxic mercury in the open ocean come from? Munson, Kathleen Dec 22, 2011 1427
New images of Pacific Ocean capture destruction of underwater mountains. Dec 7, 2011 399

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