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 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Sir Speedy, Inc., the nation's largest business printer, announced today that more than 300 locations are ready now to produce Kodak Photo CD Portfolio discs for customers.
 Officials of Sir Speedy and Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) made the announcement here at Macworld Expo T94.
 Sir Speedy released a list of 312 locations in 37 states that have purchased Kodak Create-It and Arrange-It Photo CD Portfolio layout software. The software designs interactive picture-and-sound presentations for output to Photo CD Portfolio discs, which can be played on televisions or computers.
 Specialists at each of the Sir Speedy locations who have received Photo CD training will help customers design their own disc presentations and will provide the finished Photo CD Portfolio discs. In addition, these locations will provide other services using Kodak CD products:
 -- Customers can drop off their 35 mm film for processing, and have the film images scanned onto Kodak Photo CD Master discs.
 -- Customers can have their computer files output in the standard CD- ROM ISO 9660 format onto Kodak Writable CD media with the InfoGuard Protection System for secure, low-cost storage of large amounts of data.
 Last week Kodak introduced new software for creating Kodak Photo CD Portfolio discs, which combine high-resolution Photo CD images with text, graphics, interactive menus and sound. People can play the discs on a computer using a compatible CD-ROM XA drive, or on a television using a Photo CD, Apple PowerCD, 3DO/Panasonic R.E.A.L., or CD-I player (all of which also play audio CDs).
 Target applications for Photo CD Portfolio discs include business presentations, informational kiosks, trade show displays and educational programs.
 Customers can see demonstrations of the Kodak Photo CD system at any participating Sir Speedy location. On TV, they'll see a Photo CD Portfolio presentation that explains the Kodak Photo CD system and describes Sir Speedy's "Team CD" services. Customers can interact with the presentation to select information on Photo CD Master discs, Writable CD discs, how to create a Photo CD Portfolio presentation and other topics.
 To create a Photo CD Portfolio presentation, customers will assemble all the required images, graphics and sound, and bring them to a participating Sir Speedy location. Images can be provided on film, computer media or on Photo CD disc.
 Customers also can have their existing slide or computer presentations written to Photo CD Portfolio discs for TV and computer playback. These presentations can be created using software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Aldus Persuasion or the new Kodak Create-It Photo CD presentation design software.
 Photo CD images and presentations can also be output to black and white hardcopy, as well as color. Popular applications include newsletters, manuals, training materials, overheads and brochures.
 Sir Speedy personnel will work with the customer to determine the sequence and timing of the presentation, menu options and other details. They will prepare the disc layout using Arrange-It software, which outputs the script language used in the disc-writing operation. The script and the source materials then are sent to a central location for production of the Photo CD Portfolio disc.
 "For a long time, Sir Speedy has been on the leading edge of business-printing technology, including breakthroughs such as high-speed copying, computer graphics, fax services and color copying," said Don Lowe, president of Sir Speedy. "We see the CD as the communications tool for the turn of the century, and we're proud to be first with widespread capability to produce Photo CD Portfolio discs for our customers."
 "We are delighted that Sir Speedy is taking early advantage of this exciting new capability," said Edgar J. Greco, vice president and general manager of Kodak Office Imaging. "With the Photo CD Portfolio format, Sir Speedy customers have access to a whole new way of producing high-quality, interactive picture-and-sound presentations."
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 /CONTACT: Paul C. Allen, media relations, of Eastman Kodak Company, 716-724-5802/

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