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Anglers take note: The Department of Parks and Recreation and the North County Officials Association sponsor an annual fall adult trout-fishing derby Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Apollo Park, 4555 W. Ave. G in Lancaster.

Cash and prizes will be awarded to anglers who land the six heaviest fish. Pre-sale tickets through Friday are $15; derby-day ducats are $20. Information: (661) 722-7780 or (661) 259-1750.

Add trout tourney: Irvine Lake, the Orange County fish-for-a-fee facility at 4621 Santiago Canyon Road in Silverado, hosts a $5,000 tagged trout hunt today through Sunday. There will be 10 tagged fish for the event and any angler catching one of these receives $100 and is automatically entered in drawing for the $5,000 grand prize. Information: (714) 649-9111 or (714) 649-9113.

Nature 101: As part of an ongoing lecture series, the National Park Service presents a free two-hour informative program on Solstice solstice (sŏl`stĭs) [Lat.,=sun stands still], in astronomy, either of the two points on the ecliptic that lie midway between the equinoxes (separated from them by an angular distance of 90°).  Canyon that takes a closer look at its landscapes and environment. The program takes place Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Solstice Canyon, situated north of the Pacific Coast Highway Pacific Coast Highway may refer to:
  • Pacific Coast Highway (United States), a segment of State Route 1 in California
  • Pacific Coast Highway (New Zealand), a 420 kilometre highway http://www.newzealand.
 (1) off Corral corral

a small fenced-in enclosure with high, wooden fences, suitable for holding cattle or horses.

corral system
a management system in which range cattle are put into corrals and fed hay for a period when the environment is most
 Canyon Road. Information: (805) 370-2301

For the birds: Murrelt Halternman, a Kern River Preserve researcher, speaks on the yellow-billed cuckoo at the general membership meeting of the San Fernando Valley San Fernando Valley

Valley, southern California, U.S. Northwest of central Los Angeles, the valley is bounded by the San Gabriel, Santa Susana, and Santa Monica mountains and the Simi Hills.
 Audubon Society on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Senior Citizens Center, 5040 Van Nuys Blvd. All comers are welcome. Information: (818) 831-2438.

Nagata appointed: Governor Gray Davis has announced Robert Y. Nagata's appointment to the California Boating and Waterways Commission. The Commission approves loans and grants requested by the Department of Boating and Waterways, as well as evaluating jurisdictional matters.

A study in irony: Hikers worry that saving bighorn sheep Bighorn sheep

a tall (up to 3 ft), heavy (up to 300 lb body weight) wild sheep that lives in inaccessible mountain country where it exercises its principal achievement of prodigious leaping and climbing. Called also Ovis canadensis. Several regional varieties, e.g. O. c.
 could keep them out of the desert wildlands they love.

``We're all for preserving the wildlife, but just don't shut us out,'' Coachella Valley trail guide Scott Scott told the Palm Springs City Council last week. He was among 75 people who showed up for a joint federal-state informational meeting.

Agencies are planning ways to protect a Peninsular bighorn sheep herd native to the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains San Jacinto Mountains

Segment of the Pacific Coast Ranges, southwestern California, U.S. San Jacinto Peak is the highest point in these mountains, at 10,804 ft (3,293 m); the city of Palm Springs lies at its eastern base.
 that has dwindled to 26 adults and is listed on the federal endangered species endangered species, any plant or animal species whose ability to survive and reproduce has been jeopardized by human activities. In 1999 the U.S. government, in accordance with the U.S.  list.

``My concern is that some of the environmental agencies may try to close off a substantial percentage of the recreation trails now open to the public,'' Scott said. ``Is that the most effective way to reestablish the health of the bighorn Bighorn, river, United States
Bighorn, river, 461 mi (741 km) long, formed in W central Wyo. by the confluence of the Wind and Pop Agie rivers and flowing north to join the Yellowstone River in S Mont.

Take it for grants: The BOAT/U.S. Clean Water Trust is accepting applications for grants on environmental boating projects. The trust offers non-profit volunteer organizations grants of up to $2,000 for community-based projects advocating environmentally conscious boating and fishing. Projects range from recycling programs to oil spill prevention programs. Last year, $10,575 in grants were awarded. Applications must be postmarked by Feb. 1, 2000. Information: (703) 823-9550, ext. 3824, or the Web site.

Wildlife watching: This past year has been one of wildlife revelations for field scout Rich Callas Cal·las   , Maria Originally Maria Anna Sophia Cecilia Kalogeropoulos. 1923-1977.

American soprano known for her technical capacity and dramatic intensity. Among her notable operatic roles was the title role in Bellini's Norma.
, a Department of Fish and Game biologist who has been tracking deer and elk using global positioning system Global Positioning System: see navigation satellite.
Global Positioning System (GPS)

Precise satellite-based navigation and location system originally developed for U.S. military use.
 radio transmitter collars.

In one case, Callas tracked Deer 369 for two months, during which it moved infrequently, holding its range. Then at 12:16 a.m. one night, it suddenly covered 15 miles in a seven-hour span. Once the deer was motivated, Callas said it completed 25 percent of its migration in one 24-hour period.

The study will allow the DFG DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Council)
DFG Department of Fish and Game
DFG District Factor Group
DFG Data Flow Graph
DFG Difference Frequency Generation
DFG Diode Function Generator
DFG Dog Faced Gremlin
 to track elk and deer in order to learn precise timing of their habitat preferences as the species migrate between summer and winter range. That information can later be used to protect valuable habitat niches on their migration routes.
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