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OPTSQ: Social Workers Launch an Appeal to Governments, Globalization is Also Affecting Canada and Threatening Social Equity in our Country.

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OPTSQ Attending the Joint Conference of the International Federation of Social Works (IFSW) and the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), close to 1,800 social workers from 83 countries are examining the effects of globalization and the strategies needed to bring about a more cooperative, fair and just world.

Executive Director of Scarborough Community Care Access Center and Conference Co-Chair, Ms Julie M. Foley noted that "inevitably, globalization is affecting Canada and threatening social equity in our country. The continuing child poverty and the growing gap between the rich and the poor are obvious proof of this. The Government of Canada promised to eliminate child poverty this year and yet it is worse than ever."

According to Ms Foley, "social workers clearly have a crucial role to play, not only in stirring consciousness and motivating governments to act but also in making an active contribution to the development and implementation of concrete measures that will address the ever-growing inequalities between the haves and the have-nots in our society."

In the light of the discussions taking place during the Conference, the Co-Chair "is convinced that social workers are ready and willing to meet this challenge which means all the more to us because it's primary focus is human dignity."


As part of its annual meeting, which preceded the Joint Conference, the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) unanimously approved a resolution presented by Dora Garcia, President of the Collegio Nacional de Assistantes Sociales de Chile (the professional corporation of social workers of Chile), seeking support in taking General Augusto Pinochet to court. Their case would be added to the 150 others already under way or being filed against the former dictator.

The resolution called for IFSW members to support Chilean social workers in demanding that their government reveal the full truth about nine social workers and social work students who were arrested and "disappeared" during the Pinochet regime and for justice to be done in their case.
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Date:Aug 1, 2000
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