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OFS Announces Tunable Dispersion Compensator that Enables 40 Gigabits/second for Optical Transmission; Provides Continuously Adjustable Tuning of the Chromatic Dispersion at the Optical Receiver.

SOMERSET, N.J. -- OFS, designer, manufacturer and supplier of leading edge fiber optic products, today announced the general availability of its RightWave(TM) Tunable Dispersion Compensator, the newest member of the RightWave family of dispersion management products from its Specialty Photonics Division. This dynamically adjustable, all-optical device is based upon proven OFS technology and is a key enabler for optical transmission rates of 40 gigabits/second.

40 Gbit/sec Enabler

Previously, variations and uncertainties in the chromatic dispersion of an installed optical fiber span had been viewed as a major technical obstacle to the deployment of 40 gigabit/second systems. The fixed dispersion compensation provided by Dispersion Compensating Fiber-based modules is effective at data rates of 10 Gbit/sec. These modules are also required for 40 Gbit/sec transmission systems but, alone, are insufficient to deal with the tighter tolerances and time-varying changes in dispersion seen by the higher data rates.

OFS' new device provides a robust solution to this challenge by providing smooth, continuously adjustable tuning of the chromatic dispersion at the optical receiver. Originally developed by Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs physicists and materials scientists, this commercially-available device offers stable and reliable management of chromatic dispersion at the tolerances required by 40 Gbit/sec data rates.

"With this new device, we are helping to make 40 gigabits/second a reality," said Ken Walker, President, Specialty Photonics Division, OFS. "The Tunable Dispersion Compensator's compact size, low power consumption, completely non-mechanical operation and superb optical characteristics make this component a robust and important part of optical transmission systems."

Adoption by Major Systems Houses

Lucent Technologies, Mintera Corp., and other optical network equipment companies have recently adopted this component into their systems. Lucent is using the technology in its recently introduced LambdaXtreme(TM) Transport, a next-generation DWDM core optical networking solution that offers one platform for both ultra-high-capacity networking and ultra-long-reach networking. LambdaXtreme(TM) Transport is capable of sending 64 40-Gbit/sec optical signals (or 2.56 terabits of information per second) up to 1000km without electrical regeneration, making it the first commercial introduction of a 40Gbit/sec system that can carry information that far without regeneration. By supplying the Tunable Dispersion Compensator to Lucent, OFS also marks its own debut into the exciting 40Gbit/sec components market.


The OFS device employs a linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating in conjunction with a unique heating configuration to exploit the thermo-optic effect within the grating. In this patented device design, tuning is accomplished in a continuous manner with fast response and low power consumption without inducing mechanical strain in the fiber. This highly reliable approach also avoids the use of moving parts and free-space optics.

About OFS

OFS is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of leading edge optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products for high-speed optical networks. OFS, formerly the optical fiber solutions division of Lucent Technologies [NYSE: LU], has a proven track record of being first in the industry with application specific fibers, optical connectors, ribbon cables, erbium doped fibers, Raman fiber lasers and more. OFS is committed to providing customers increased value by offering products that deliver lowest cost per bit network solutions, protecting investments through future flexible solutions.

OFS distributes its optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products directly to end users, as well as through valued distributor partnerships and external cable customers and equipment vendors.

OFS is comprised of two shareholders including Furukawa Electric, a multi-billion dollar global leader in optical communications and majority shareholder, and CommScope, a world leader in broadband coaxial cables and minority shareholder. Headquartered in Norcross, GA, OFS operates facilities in Avon, Connecticut; Carrollton, Georgia; Omaha, Nebraska; Somerset, NJ; Sturbridge, Massachusetts and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, as well as facilities in Denmark, Germany, and Brazil.


Contact: Ana Rahona, PR for OFS, +1-770-798-3726, or

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Date:Apr 17, 2002
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