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Nursing research online. Abstract Dec 1, 2014 717
The effect of oral care on intracranial pressure in critically ill adults. Szabo, Christina M.; Crap, Mary Jo; Munro, Cindy L.; Starkweather, Angela; Merchant, Randall E. Report Dec 1, 2014 6389
Care of the adult patient with a brain tumor. Lovely, Mary P.; Stewart-Amidei, Christina; Arzbaecher, Jean; Bell, Susan; Maher, Mary Ellen; Maida, Report Dec 1, 2014 820
Care of the pediatric patient with a brain tumor. Ledet, Davonna "Davi"; Battick, Kentlee; Bess, Hillary N.; Cartwright, Cathy; Pownall, Ambre; Scrogg Dec 1, 2014 615
Nursing research online. Nov 1, 2014 858
Profit motive cranks up pressure: the drive for profitability at Ramsay Health Care is intense, it puts pressure on staffing levels and, according to a comprehensive NSWNMA survey, it's nurses and midwives who suffer. Cover story Nov 1, 2014 777
Attention and memory deficits in breast cancer survivors: implications for nursing practice and research. Frank, Jennifer Sandson; Vance, David E.; Jukkala, Angela; Meneses, Karen M. Report Oct 1, 2014 7557
The UNB Faculty of Nursing 19th Annual Research Day: creating a culture of scholarship. Secco, Loretta Sep 22, 2014 774
Fiji : New development for nursing studies. Sep 11, 2014 291
Wolters Kluwer Health Survey Finds Nurses and Healthcare Institutions Accepting Professional Use of Online Reference & Mobile Technology. Sep 10, 2014 1335
Particulate matter air pollution exposure, distance to road, and incident lung cancer in the nurses' health study cohort. Puett, Robin C.; Hart, Jaime E.; Yanosky, Jeff D.; Spiegelman, Donna; Wang, Molin; Fisher, Jared A.; Report Sep 1, 2014 9650
A prospective analysis of airborne metal exposures and risk of Parkinson disease in the nurses' health study cohort. Palacios, Natalia; Fitzgerald, Kathryn; Roberts, Andrea L.; Hart, Jaime E.; Weisskopf, Marc G.; Schw Report Sep 1, 2014 7071
New Survey Says Nurses Are Bullish On The Industry Outlook And Encourage People To Enter The Field. Aug 26, 2014 737
Research centre fosters nursing voice: the work nurses do is a big focus of research and service development done by the New Zealand Institute of Community Health Care. Stodart, Kathy Aug 1, 2014 901
Nevada's nurse staffing committee study results: hearing from our nurses at the bedside. Serratt, Teresa Aug 1, 2014 909
Reliability and validity testing of the Creighton Competency Evaluation Instrument for use in the NCSBN National Simulation Study. Hayden, Jennifer; Keegan, Mary; Kardong-Edgren, Suzan; Smiley, Richard A. Report Jul 1, 2014 5874
Nursing student perceptions of a community-based home visit experienced by a role-play simulation. Wheeler, Corinne A.; McNelis, Angela M. Report Jul 1, 2014 2173
Shocking Results of Nurses' Survey on Patient Safety; Legislators Hold Press Conference on June 4 to Present Results. Jun 3, 2014 432
Association of urinary concentrations of bisphenol A and phthalate metabolites with risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective investigation in the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) and NHSII cohorts. Sun, Qi; Cornelis, Marilyn C.; Townsend, Mary K.; Tobias, Deirdre K.; Eliassen, A. Heather; Franke, Report Jun 1, 2014 9837
"Perinatal air pollutant exposures and autism spectrum disorder in the children of Nurses' Health Study II participants". Correction notice Jun 1, 2014 330
Survey shows nurses' hand hygiene improving. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 246
Nursing research online. May 1, 2014 798
Reliability and accuracy of the South African Triage Scale when used by nurses in the emergency department of Timergara Hospital, Pakistan. Dalwai, M.K.; Twomey, M.; Maikere, J.; Said, S.; Wakeel, M.; Jemmy, J.-P.; Valles, P.; Tayler-Smith, Report May 1, 2014 4003
Comparing NPs' and doctors' diagnostic skills. May 1, 2014 377
An observational study of nurse staffing ratios and hospital readmission among children admitted for common conditions. Tubbs-Cooley, Heather L.; Cimiotti, Jeannie P.; Silber, Jeffrey H.; Sloane, Douglas M.; Aitken, Lind Abstract Apr 1, 2014 170
Determinants of the implementation of a new practice in hormonal contraception by Quebec nurses. Guilbert, Edith R.; Robitaille, Jean; Guilbert, Alexis C.; Morin, Diane Report Apr 1, 2014 11173
South Carolina Board of Nursing. Apr 1, 2014 4281
You could win a $1,000! Nurses leading to the future 2014 TNF Scholarly Writing Contest. Mar 22, 2014 319
The relation of critical care nurses' information-seeking behaviour with perception of personal control, training, and non-routineness of the task. Newman, Kristine; Doran, Diane; Nagle, Lynn M. Survey Mar 22, 2014 4745
Rural nurses' perception of disruptive behaviors and clinical outcomes: a pilot study. Addison, Kara; Luparell, Susan Report Mar 22, 2014 3922
UNB Nursing Research Day: May 9, 2014. Brief article Mar 22, 2014 102
The work environment of intensive care nurses. Breau, Myriam; Rheaume, Ann Report Mar 22, 2014 1288
The GAMMA[R] nursing measure: its development and testing for nursing utility. Loubser, Hendrik J.; Bruce, Judith C.; Casteleijn, Daleen Mar 1, 2014 6567
The informed consent process in randomised controlled trials: a nurse-led process. Cresswell, Pip; Gilmour, Jean Report Mar 1, 2014 5818
An audit of new asthma guidance for school staff. Ellmore, Kirsten Report Mar 1, 2014 2193
Cumulative lead exposure and age at menopause in the nurses' health study cohort. Eum, Ki-Do; Weisskopf, Marc G.; Nie, Linda H.; Hu, Howard; Korrick, Susan A. Report Mar 1, 2014 7028
More nurses--fewer deaths, major study finds. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 252
Nursing research online. Feb 1, 2014 778
Clinical supervision in the provision of intensive home visiting by health visitors. Jarrett, Patricia; Barlow, Jane Report Feb 1, 2014 4120
Key Concepts in Nursing and Healthcare Research. Book review Feb 1, 2014 101
South Carolina board of nursing. Jan 1, 2014 4313
Napping during breaks on night shift: critical care nurse managers' perceptions. Edwards, Marie P.; McMillan, Diana E.; Fallis, Wendy M. Report Dec 22, 2013 4740
The role of the school nurse in child protection. Hackett, Alison J. Report Dec 1, 2013 3789
Analysis of queries from nurses to the South African National HIV & TB health Care Worker Hotline. Swart, A.M.; Chisholm, B.S.; Cohen, K.; Workman, L.J.; Cameron, D.; Blockman, M. Report Dec 1, 2013 2779
Nurse perceptions of the diabetes get checked programme. Clendon, Jill; Carryer, Jenny; Walker, Leonie; Noble, Vicky; Minto, Rosemary; Calverley, Rachael; Da Report Nov 1, 2013 4846
Neonatal nursing: research influences practice. Marshall, Annie Nov 1, 2013 473
AMN Healthcare Annual Survey of Registered Nurses Exposes Generational Differences on State of Profession Leading up to Healthcare Reform. Oct 24, 2013 1029
FIU nursing study: When a baby dies, parents' health could be at risk. Oct 8, 2013 522
Bedside coaching to improve nurses' recognition of delirium. Gordon, Susan Jean; Melillo, Karen Devereaux; Nannini, Angela; Lakatos, Barbara E. Report Oct 1, 2013 4027
Nurse practitioner leads groundbreaking research. Oct 1, 2013 469
Supporting NZNO through research. Conference notes Oct 1, 2013 333
See you in Montana at the International Rural Health and Nursing Research Conference. Fahs, Pamela Stewart Conference news Sep 22, 2013 299
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Will Award Up To $200,000 In Nursing Research Grants. Sep 12, 2013 883
Nursing research online. Reprint Sep 1, 2013 1034
Perinatal air pollutant exposures and autism spectrum disorder in the children of Nurses' Health Study II participants. Roberts, Andrea L.; Lyall, Kristen; Hart, Jaime E.; Laden, Francine; Just, Allan C.; Bobb, Jennifer Report Aug 1, 2013 10167 2013 Nurse Salary Research Reveals Best Nursing Salaries in the USA. Jul 30, 2013 676
The influence of personal characteristics on perioperative nurses' perceived competence: implications for workforce planning. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 127
With awareness comes choice: only part of the picture. Holloway, Kathryn Editorial Jul 1, 2013 1047
Inpatient hypoglycaemia: a study of nursing management. Coats, Adrienne; Marshall, Dianne Report Jul 1, 2013 3963
Primary healthcare NZ nurses' experiences of advance directives: understanding their potential role. Davidson, Raewyn; Banister, Elizabeth; de Vries, Kay Report Jul 1, 2013 4339
Hospital use of agency-employed supplemental nurses and patient mortality and failure to rescue. Aiken, Linda H.; Shang, Jingjing; Xue, Ying; Sloane, Douglas M. Jun 1, 2013 6467
Evidence to guide nursing interventions for critically III neurologically impaired patients with ICP monitoring. McNett, Molly M.; Olson, DaiWai M. Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 2826
Nursing roles and functions in the inpatient neurorehabilitation of stroke patients: a literature review. Aadal, Lena; Angel, Sanne; Dreyer, Pia; Langhorn, Leanne; Pedersen, Birgitte Blicher Report Jun 1, 2013 7889
NINR welcomes five new members to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. Brief article May 21, 2013 143
International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame. May 1, 2013 333
What's affecting working nurses? NZNO's biennial employment survey reveals a nursing workforce whose morale is declining. Walker, Leonie May 1, 2013 604
Number of nurses fall; Study raises concerns on district staff. Apr 29, 2013 616
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses awards Impact Research Grant to Detroit palliative care nurse researcher. Apr 24, 2013 1117
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses awards Impact Research Grant to Penn Nursing pediatric nurse researcher. Apr 24, 2013 942
Neurological and psychiatric diseases and their unique cognitive profiles: implications for nursing practice and research. Vance, David E.; Dodson, Joan E.; Watkins, Jason; Kennedy, Bridgett H.; Keltner, Norman L. Clinical report Mar 31, 2013 8453
Pennsylvania hospitals selected to participate in AACN's nurse leadership skill-building program. Mar 28, 2013 1086
Global Survey Sheds Light on Patient Safety Challenges in Nursing. Mar 6, 2013 1349
Case Study: Austrian Neonatal Nurses Give New babyLance Heelstick Perfect Safety Score. Mar 2, 2013 659
Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation challenges in selected Botswana hospitals: nurse managers' views. Rajeswaran, Lakshmi; Ehlers, Valerie J. Report Mar 1, 2013 6280
Editorial. Neville, Stephen Editorial Mar 1, 2013 760
The journal Kai Tiaki's role in developing research capability in New Zealand nursing, 1908-1959. Wood, Pamela J.; Nelson, Katherine Report Mar 1, 2013 6650
Persistent organic pollutants and type 2 diabetes: a prospective analysis in the Nurses' health study and meta-analysis. Wu, Hongyu; Bertrand, Kimberly A.; Choi, Anna L.; Hu, Frank B.; Laden, Francine; Grandjean, Philippe Report Feb 1, 2013 17015
History, organization and the changing culture of care: a historical analysis of the Frontier Nursing Service. West, Edith Report Jan 1, 2013 7423
Moving beyond the "perpetual novice": understanding the experiences of novice hemodialysis nurses and cannulation of the arteriovenous fistula. Wilson, Barbara; Harwood, Lori; Oudshoorn, Abe Report Jan 1, 2013 6944
AHRQ launches Regional Partnership Development Initiative to promote comparative effectiveness research. Jan 1, 2013 554
Burnout in critical care nurses: a literature review. Epp, Kirstin Report Dec 22, 2012 6395
Delirium in the intensive care unit: role of the critical care nurse in early detection and treatment. Olson, Terra Report Dec 22, 2012 4504
Try something new, says nurse researcher. O'Connor, Teresa Conference notes Dec 1, 2012 830
Ratios get a big tick in survey: nurses and midwives believe ratios have had a positive impact on the health system and are delivering better patient care according to a comprehensive survey of NSWNMA members. Nov 1, 2012 642
PointRight Launches Survey Insights to Guide Skilled Nursing Facilities To Improved Survey Results. Oct 9, 2012 657
Study Spearheaded by UCLA Nursing School Dean Finds Direct Correlation Between Bed Sores and Patient Mortality. Clinical report Oct 1, 2012 649
Strategies to support nurse work reintegration after deployment constructed from an analysis of army nurses' redeployment experiences. Hopkins-Chadwick, Denise L. Oct 1, 2012 3657
Combat casualty care nursing research and the joint combat casualty research team. Feider, Laura L.; Platteborze, Lynn S.; McClinton, Annette R.; Garner, Betty K. Oct 1, 2012 4664
HMC's research boost for nursing career. Sep 24, 2012 537
Survey of Canadian critical care nurses' experiences of conflict in intensive care units. Edwards, Marie; Throndson, Karen; Girardin, Julie Sep 22, 2012 3899
The effect of evidence-based practice on workplace empowerment of rural registered nurses. Belden, Catherine V.; Leafman, Joan; Nehrenz, Guy; Miller, Patricia Report Sep 22, 2012 4996
Nurse educator perceptions of structural empowerment and innovative behavior. Hebenstreit, Julia J. Survey Sep 1, 2012 4139
Feasibility of expanding the medication abortion provider base in India to include ayurvedic physicians and nurses. Jejeebhoy, Shireen, J.; Kalyanwala, Shveta; Mundle, Shuchita; Tank, Jaydeep; Zavier, A.J. Francis; K Sep 1, 2012 8627
A growing multicultural nursing workforce--identifying the stress points. Walker, Leonie; Clendon, Jill Sep 1, 2012 1926
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Selects Cleveland Clinic Nursing Innovation Director As 2013 Distinguished Research Lecturer. Aug 21, 2012 927
Sharing research. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 196
The Phd research journey is not for the faint-hearted: a practice nurse shares some of the many struggles and challenges she encountered as she began 'writing up' her PhD research findings. Lally, Elsa Aug 1, 2012 2065
Clinical decision making; case studies in medical-surgical nursing, 2d ed. Book review Aug 1, 2012 153
Institute of Medicine and American Nurses Credentialing Center. Aug 1, 2012 255
Perceptions of policy and political leadership in nursing in New Zealand. Donovan, Donna J.; Diers, Donna; Carryer, Jenny Jul 1, 2012 5922
Nursing care of service members with head injury during the Vietnam war. Yost, Terri L. Jun 1, 2012 5193
Pain management in nursing practice of intensive care post-operational stage patients. Strode, Iveta; Seimane, Sandra; Biksane, Dzintra Report Jun 1, 2012 3212
Stress related work environment factors: nurses survey results. Circenis, Kristaps; Millere, Inga Report Jun 1, 2012 2382
NINR welcomes five new members to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. May 15, 2012 140
University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies Awarded NIH Funding to Continue Improving Health of Minorities. May 14, 2012 422
Nursing benefits of using an automated injection system for ictal brain single photon emission computed tomography. vonHofen, Geraldine; Evangelista, Tonya; Lordeon, Patricia Report Apr 1, 2012 4102
Nursing research online. Apr 1, 2012 796
Critical care nurses' information-seeking behaviour during an unfamiliar patient care task. Newman, Kristine M.; Doran, Diane Report Mar 22, 2012 4896
This balancing act takes some time to learn; Tina Donnelly explains why the NHS in Wales needs nurse leaders. Mar 19, 2012 596
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Awards $50,000 Impact Research Grant to Boston Pediatric Nurse Researcher. Mar 14, 2012 729
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Awards $50,000 Impact Research Grant to Duke Nursing Professor. Mar 14, 2012 774
Study Shows Nurses are Exposed to Risks from Blood Exposure During Insertion and Removal of Peripheral IV Catheter. Mar 7, 2012 885
PI Worldwide's Behavioral Research Addresses Healthcare's Nursing Shortage. Mar 1, 2012 755
Public health nurses' knowledge and attitudes regarding climate change. Polivka, Barbara J.; Chaudry, Rosemary V.; Crawford, John Mac Mar 1, 2012 5092
Registered nurse perspectives on delayed or missed nursing cares in a New Zealand hospital. Winters, Rosie; Neville, Stephen Mar 1, 2012 5395
Perceptions of nursing care for cardiovascular cases, knowledge on the telehealth and telecardiology in Indonesia. Hariyati, Tutik Sri; Sahar, Junaiti Report Feb 1, 2012 5432
12-hour shifts and fatigue: adopted 2011 Georgia Nurses Association action report. Feb 1, 2012 2146
The relationship between nurse involvement and outcomes in Colorado hospitals. Casper, Colleen Feb 1, 2012 623
Hopkins nursing researcher to compare local/national parenting programs. Feb 1, 2012 447
Fourth annual nursing research conference at Franklin square hospital center. Honaker, Maria; Reichert, Dottie Conference news Feb 1, 2012 394
60% of nurses face abuse,says survey; InBrief. Jan 5, 2012 113
'DON'T REPORT IT' Nurses told to keep quiet about care. Dec 21, 2011 389
Interesting "tidbits" related to Nursing Administration Research. Kupperschmidt, Betty Clinical report Dec 1, 2011 266
Conference furthers emerging field of clinical research nursing. Conference news Nov 14, 2011 108
Building foundations for the future: over the last 20 years, critical care nursing practice has experienced both success and taken a few backward steps. Learning from mistakes provides a foundation for the future. Pirret, Alison Nov 1, 2011 1017
The preadmission packet: a strategy that benefits patients and nurses during the admission process. Keithly, Sherry; Muldoon, Mary; Cheng, Dunlei; Vish, Nancy; DeJong, Sandra McLeroy; Adams, Jenny Report Oct 1, 2011 2051
Members' input needed for night duty survey: survey of nurses' experiences of night shift to inform night duty case in IRC. Oct 1, 2011 391
Establishing a methodology for development and dissemination of nursing evidence-based practice to promote quality care. Pierce, Carol J. Report Oct 1, 2011 2604
How to successfully pass the nursing informatics certification exam. Lewis, Angela Sep 22, 2011 1657
South Jersey Healthcare Hosts Sixth Annual Nursing Research Conference on Oct. 21. Conference news Sep 21, 2011 478
Fidelity[R] Survey Finds Nurses Feeling Secure about Their Jobs, but Many Reveal Economy Has Impacted Their Retirement Plans. Sep 9, 2011 1325
LTCPA Study Quantifying Unused Medicare Part D Drugs in Skilled Nursing Facilities Published in The Consultant Pharmacist. Sep 7, 2011 579
Media Statement from Amedisys Chief Medical Officer on Johns Hopkins Hospital Study "Challenges in Posthospital Care: Nurses As Coaches for Medication Management". Report Aug 29, 2011 1315
National Institute of Nursing Research Convenes National Summit on The Science of Compassion: Future Directions in End-of-Life and Palliative Care. Aug 3, 2011 736
Comorbidities and cognitive functioning: implications for nursing research and practice. Vance, David; Larsen, Kirsten I.; Eagerton, Gregory; Wright, Mary A. Aug 1, 2011 6741
ISNA nurse patient safety task force. Motycka, Ann L. Aug 1, 2011 878
Indiana State Nurses Association 2011 elections: biographies and position statements for candidates for ISNA officers, directors, nominating committee, delegates/alternates to American Nurses Association. Aug 1, 2011 3379
National Institute of Nursing Research convenes national summit on The Science of Compassion: Future Directions in End-of-Life and Palliative Care. Brief article Jul 28, 2011 148
Nursing Research Council call for abstracts. Jul 1, 2011 316
The Nordic ICU nursing research network/La Red Nordica de Investigacion en Enfermeria en UCI. Egerod, Ingrid Report Jun 22, 2011 1094
Mild traumatic brain injury: a survey of perceived knowledge and learning preferences of military and civilian nurses. Watts, Dorraine D.; Gibbons, Susanne; Kurzweil, Dina Report Jun 1, 2011 7377
Updated research priorities for neuroscience nursing. Dilorio, Colleen; Hinkle, Janice L.; Stuifbergen, Alexa; Algase, Donna; Amidei, Chris Stewart; Austi Report Jun 1, 2011 4237
ICN's membership dilemma: New Zealand nurses attending last month's ICN conference in Malta found a rich source of information and inspiration. Annals, Geoff Jun 1, 2011 918
Nurses to address health equity. Clendon, Jill Jun 1, 2011 575
Nursing research council call for abstracts. Jun 1, 2011 316
Research and Markets: Pediatric Nursing - In-Depth Analyses by the World's Leading Experts in Pediatric Nursing. May 16, 2011 311
Research and Markets: Nursing Economic$ Supports Nurse Leaders and Others Who Are Responsible For Directing Nursing's Impact on Evidence-Based Staffing. May 12, 2011 661
Climate change and health: this month Nursing Research Online examines the climate change debate in Australia with particular focus on the health perspective. May 1, 2011 678
Making research count. Gibbons, Veronique May 1, 2011 520
Embrace diverse pathways to advanced nursing practice: let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Shultz, Cathleen M. Editorial May 1, 2011 846
Nursing Research Council call for abstracts. May 1, 2011 316
Tufts Medical Center Nurses Vote to Authorize One-Day Strike If Management Continues to Refuse to Improve Dangerous Patient Care Conditions. Apr 15, 2011 1295
Are nurses valued? Apr 1, 2011 145
Assessment of acute pain in nursing practice in Latvia. Strode, Iveta; Seimane, Sandra Report Apr 1, 2011 2089
Understanding and evaluating historical sources in nursing history research. Wood, Pamela J. Report Apr 1, 2011 4788
CACCN research grant. Mar 22, 2011 433
Nursing leaders convene to share strategies on improving patient outcomes: conference focuses on effectively using nation's largest nursing performance database. Mar 22, 2011 546
Canadian rural women's experiences with rural primary health care nurse practitioners. Leipert, Beverly D.; Delaney, Jessican Wagner; Forbes, Dorothy; Forchuk, Cheryl Mar 22, 2011 7800
National Survey of Nurse Practitioners Reveals Serious Toll of Heavy Monthly Periods. Mar 21, 2011 1842
Tufts Medical Center Nurses Hold Informational Picket and Rally Today, Call for Restoration of Safe Patient Care. Mar 17, 2011 1331
Tufts Medical Center Nurses Hold Informational Picket and Rally Today, Call for Restoration of Safe Patient Care. Mar 16, 2011 1331
Courage, compassion and cohesion at the coal face: an emergency department nurse researcher/educator reflects on being at the sharp end of the response to the Christchurch earthquake. Richardson, Sandy Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2011 1115
Nurses positive despite perceived poor pay and restructuring: NZNO's second biennial employment survey reveals a resilient nursing workforce, the vast majority of whom are satisfied in their work and believe they are providing a high quality of care. But pay rates remain a bone of contention. O'Connor, Teresa Survey Mar 1, 2011 1914
Nurses can help deliver treatment for depression. Feb 16, 2011 276
Tufts Medical Center Nurses Hold Candlelight Vigil on Feb. 15; Call for Restoration of Safe Patient Care. Feb 15, 2011 1049
Instead of Preventing Infections, Silver Coated Needleless IV Connectors May Actually Cause Them, a Nationally-Recognized Expert Tells National Conference on Cancer Nursing Research. Conference news Feb 11, 2011 629
Using Kaupapa Maori approaches to reduce smoking: one Maori nurse shared her passion for tobacco control research at the recent Te Runanga o Aotearoa NZNO smoking research symposium. This was co-sponsored by Smokefeee Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand and hosted by Massey University in Wellington. Gifford, Heather Feb 1, 2011 925
Nursing research council call for abstracts. Feb 1, 2011 309
Advancing nursing education science: an analysis of the NLN's grants program 2008-2010. Duffy, Joanne R.; Frenn, Marilyn; Patterson, Barbara Report Jan 1, 2011 2965
Work scheduling satisfaction and work life balance for nurses: the perception of organizational justice. Nelson, Millicent F.; Tarpey, Richard J. Survey Jan 1, 2011 4262
Relocation stress and nursing implications/Estres por traslado e implicancia para enfermeria. Suen, Lorna Kwai Ping; Lee, Tina Wing Yan; Wong, Jackson Chi Ho Report Dec 22, 2010 2154
Building a global culture in critical care nursing: an analysis of the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses aims and activities/Construyendo una cultura global en enfermeria en cuidados criticos, un analisis de los objetivos y actividades de la WFCCN. Alberto, Laura Report Dec 22, 2010 3672
New Study Finds Pharmacists and Nurses are the Most Effective Health Care 'Voices' in Promoting Medication Adherence. Dec 22, 2010 920
Survey of Nurses from America's Leading Hospitals: 93 Percent Feel Hospitals More Prepared to Handle Flu Season Demands Than Last Year. Dec 20, 2010 1171
Enrolled nurses study days. Morgan, Elsa; Hewlett, Robyn Brief article Dec 1, 2010 290
Hospitals Can Save 25 Percent in Component Costs and Significantly Improve Nurse Satisfaction. Nov 29, 2010 1047
Maintaining safety during blood transfusions: an audit of nurses' and midwives' blood transfusion practices in a number of district health boards has revealed room for significant improvements in patient safety and care. Wright, Angela Nov 1, 2010 2967
Harnessing technology to benefit nursing: as technology and health informatics become an increasingly significant part of nursing practice, it is vital nurses are able to articulate their technological and professional needs for the benefit of patients. Honey, Michelle; Carr, Robyn; Irvine, Denise; Westbrooke, Lucy Nov 1, 2010 1890
IOM study: let highly trained nurses do more. Nov 1, 2010 197
Third annual nursing research conference at Franklin Square Hospital Center. DeHoff, Kathy; Willis, Tiffany Nov 1, 2010 387
The experiences of nurses in providing psychosocial support to families of critically ill trauma patients in intensive care units: a study in the Durban metropolitan area. Brysiewicz, P.; Bhengu, B.R. Report Nov 1, 2010 4470
Occupational burnout, retention and health outcomes in nephrology nurses. Harwood, Lori; Ridley, Jane; Wilson, Barbara; Laschinger, Heather K. Report Oct 1, 2010 4668
Do target waiting times in emergency departments affect patient care? New Zealand has followed England's lead end introduced target waiting times for those presenting at emergency departments. An emergency care nurse in England looks at the impact of target waiting times and explores some issues nurses here should consider. Yarwood, Sally Report Oct 1, 2010 2595
Research project makes progress. Hendry, Chris Oct 1, 2010 348
Interested in participating in the nurses' health studies project? Oct 1, 2010 162
UNB Faculty of Nursing celebrates 15th anniversary of Nursing Research Day. Macintosh, Judy Sep 22, 2010 381
HRSA Study Finds Nursing Workforce is Growing. Sep 22, 2010 685
National Institute of Nursing Research kicks off 25th anniversary with Bringing Science to Life scientific symposium. Sep 20, 2010 115
Knowledge = Power. Carroll, V. Susan Editorial Aug 1, 2010 738
MedStar Nursing Research Consortium elects Chair, Co-Chair. Aug 1, 2010 263
Patient care 'rationed' as nurses struggle under heavy workloads--survey: nurses are committed to their profession, but are often struggling under intense workloads, causing unsustainable levels of stress and the "rationing' of patient care, according to a survey at three district health boards. Lawless, Jane; Wan, Lixin; Zeng, Irene Aug 1, 2010 2757
Nursing researcher and educator Norma Lang receives first prestigious ANA president's award. Lang, Norma Aug 1, 2010 508
What do New Zealand pre-dialysis nurses believe to be effective care? Walker, Rachael; Abel, Sally; Meyer, Alannah Report Aug 1, 2010 4413
New Study Shows That U.S. Nurses Believe They Considerably Influence Patient Health Decisions and Behavior. Jul 20, 2010 728
Conference showcases international research. Walker, Leonie Conference notes Jul 1, 2010 517
The culture of vascular access cannulation among nurses in a chronic hemodialysis unit. Wilson, Barbara; Harwood, Lori; Oudshoorn, Abe; Thompson, Bonita Report Jul 1, 2010 7879
Four Outstanding Nurses Recognized for Their Dedication to Maternal and Infant Health. Jun 23, 2010 812
Research committee aims to promote nursing research. Ritchie, Lorraine Brief article Jun 1, 2010 304
Research hub: the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing continues to provide an excellent vehicle for nurses to publish original research and scholarly papers about all areas of nursing. Jun 1, 2010 578
Survey says: nurses' influence on health care is untapped. Cunningham, J. Reprint Jun 1, 2010 844
First Major Survey of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Nurses Highlights Significant Disparities in MS Nursing Across Europe. May 25, 2010 641
NINR Welcomes Four New Members to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. May 18, 2010 188
Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency Shares Results of Minneapolis Teen Parent Program, Supporting Teen Parents and Their Babies. May 12, 2010 740
Nurses share their views on end-of-life issues: nurses can play a pivotal role in patients end-of-life decisions. But how do nurses view their role in such decisions? A small research study at Dunedin Hospital set about finding out. McLennan, Stuart; Celi, Leo Anthony; Gillett, Grant; Penney, Judith; Foss, Mike May 1, 2010 2110
The nurse's influence on health system reform. Hackman, Deborah May 1, 2010 1063
Workplace empowerment and burnout in Canadian nephrology nurses. Harwood, Lori; Ridley, Jane; Wilson, Barbara; Laschinger, Heather K. Report Apr 1, 2010 4360
Nursing interventions for critically ill traumatic brain injury patients. McNett, Molly M.; Gianakis, Anastasia Apr 1, 2010 4540
A review of barriers to thrombolytic therapy: implications for nursing care in the emergency department. Johnson, Melissa; Bakas, Tamilyn Apr 1, 2010 5393
District nurses' research projects. White, Denise Apr 1, 2010 339
The unbreakable bonds of nursing. Bosaw, Georgene Apr 1, 2010 2645
HIV: the coming of age. An overview of nursing older people with HIV. Ridgers, Hazel Report Mar 22, 2010 3271
Worklists: helping to transform nursing care. Bove, Lisa Anne; Jesse, Helen Report Mar 22, 2010 3242
Putting the pieces together: how public health nurses in rural and remote Canadian communites respond to intimate partner violence. Hughes, Judy Report Mar 22, 2010 6690
National Institute of Nursing Research. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 122
Crossing the great divide: a case study of a regional nursing labour market in the Central West of New South Wales. Hicks, John; Basu, P.K.; Latham, Heather; Tyson, Graham; Daniel, Megan; Sappey, Richard B. Mar 1, 2010 7007
Retaining professional nurses in South Africa: nurse managers' perspectives. Mokoka, Elizabeth; Oosthuizen, Martha J.; Ehlers, Valerie J. Report Mar 1, 2010 8626
Continuing competence research coming to an end. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 132
AJAN research highlights. Feb 1, 2010 725
Toxic chemicals found in doctors and nurses: new biomonitoring study detects four chemicals on EPA's recently announced top priority list. Feb 1, 2010 994
Community and public health nursing practice: two new studies sound the alarm. Richard, Lucie; Beaudet, Nicole; Gendron, Sylvie Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2010 842
Work scheduling satisfaction and work life balance for nurses: the perception of organizational justice. Nelson, Millicent F.; Tarpey, Richard J. Jan 1, 2010 4248
ANA to open premier nursing performance database to top researchers. Jan 1, 2010 389
Foundation's silent auction at MNA Convention raises money for nursing research, education in Maryland. Philipsen, Nayna Brief article Jan 1, 2010 277
Comparison of two approaches to screen for dysphagia among acute ischemic stroke patients: Nursing admission screening tool versus national institutes of health stroke scale. Bravata, Dawn M. Brief article Dec 31, 2009 102
Comparison of two approaches to screen for dysphagia among acute ischemic stroke patients: nursing admission screening tool versus national institutes of health stroke scale. Bravata, Dawn M.; Daggett, Virginia S.; Woodward-Hagg, Heather; Damush, Teresa; Plue, Laurie; Russel Report Dec 31, 2009 4003
HIV/AIDS in Portugal: current trends and nursing perspectives. Baptista-Gongalves, Rui Essay Dec 22, 2009 1864
Nurses to lead research with launch of new centre. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 284
Recognizing clinical research nurses: the role and skills of clinical research nurses have often been overlooked--to the detriment of clinical research as a whole. Walker, Leonie Dec 1, 2009 982
Rich fare at research conference. Marshall, Dianne Conference news Dec 1, 2009 589
Stimulating study days for enrolled nurses. Morgan, Elsa Brief article Dec 1, 2009 174
National Study to Address Nurse Shortage. Nov 24, 2009 567
Taking the issue of bullying seriously: as long as the problem of bullying in the workpace is ignored, nurses' physical and emotional health will be impaired, along with their ability to care for their patients safely. Milne, Hayley Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2009 1661
Digital Object Identifiers: are they important to me? Skiba, Diane J. Nov 1, 2009 1228
Workplace violence experienced by registered nurses: a concept analysis. Ventura-Madangeng, Judee; Wilson, Denise Report Nov 1, 2009 5325
The office of Healthcare workforce research for nursing. Cox, Mary Foster Oct 1, 2009 200
The ARCAN cascading model: enhancing nursing capacity in East Africa. Ndirangu, Eunice; Arudo, John; Amarsi, Yasmin Report Sep 22, 2009 1785
Research round-up: Stigma, telecounselling, and nurse management. Evans, Catrin Report Sep 22, 2009 1124
Research: faith community nursing focusing on blood pressure management. Bay, Mary Jo Sep 22, 2009 805
Articulating nurses' distress: recent New Zealand nursing research has revealed the distress, the pain, the anger, the alone-ness, too many nurses feel, too often, during their working lives. How can that distress be eased and how should nurse leaders respond to minimise the negative effects of nursing work and nursing culture? The nurse researcher offers some suggestions. Kidd, Jacquie Sep 1, 2009 1172
US study reveals most ED nurses assaulted at work. Sep 1, 2009 243
Rayner hits out at bad nurses as study reveals poor practices. Aug 27, 2009 367
Summer program trains Hopkins students in International Research. Aug 1, 2009 406
Franklin square hospital center nurses sponsor 2nd annual nursing research conference. Evans, Ruth; Shanahan, Kim Aug 1, 2009 463
My NIWI Experience. Walker, Keisha Aug 1, 2009 467
What's care rationing and what are its effects? Nurses need to understand care rationing, its impact on patients and on themselves, and take action to make it visible. Lawless, Jane Aug 1, 2009 1052
New nursing research. Jul 1, 2009 879
Leaving from and returning to nursing practice: contributing factors. Jamieson, Isabel; Taua, Chris Survey Jul 1, 2009 4749
Nurse researches wants Maori voices heard. Manchester, Anne Jul 1, 2009 597
Award-Winning Clinical Research Presented at Infusion Nursing Society Conference Demonstrates MaxPlus Clear[TM] Helps Reduce Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections to Zero. Conference news Jun 25, 2009 700
'People are creating policy up there, they are not coming down': nurses' views on the expansion of routine provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in Nairobi, Kenya. Evans, Catrin; Ndirangu, Eunice Report Jun 22, 2009 4416
Nursing research index updated. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 254
An opportunity in the asking: the research forum on potential sources of funding that are available to health visitors and nurses in Scotland for research into community practice. Jun 1, 2009 361
The latest nursing research and scholarship. Jun 1, 2009 683
NINR Welcomes Four New Members to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. May 28, 2009 171
Hospitals' dirty secrets uncovered; Survey of nurses shows clean equipment stored in bathrooms. May 9, 2009 834
ANA testifies before the Institute of Medicine on nursing's priorities for Health Care Research spending. May 1, 2009 703
Hospital death rates too high; RESEARCH: Nursing shortage blamed for mortality levels. Apr 3, 2009 257
Standing orders extend rural nursing practice and patient access; there are few reports about the use of standing orders in New Zealand. A study in Opotiki sheds light on how standing orders can be used safely and increase patients' access to services. Scott-Jones, Jo; Young, Frances; Keir, Dorothy; Lawrenson, Ross Report Apr 1, 2009 2228
The delights and dilemmas of rural nursing: nursing in isolated rural communities poses practical, personal and professional challenges. O'Connor, Teresa Apr 1, 2009 1971
Organizational support, perceived social support, and intent to turnover among psychiatric nurses: a mixed-methods study. Apr 1, 2009 263
Postpartum depression screening: role for nurses in New Brunswick? Duffett-Leger, Linda; Letourneau, Nicole Mar 22, 2009 828
Dear informal. Malone, Beverly Mar 9, 2009 730
Nurses' perceptions about Botswana patients' anti-retroviral therapy adherence. Kip, Esther; Ehlers, Valerie J.; van der Wal, Dirk M. Report Mar 1, 2009 8152
Nurses' and doctors' perceptions regarding the implementation of a triage system in an emergency unit in South Africa. Augustyn, Jean E.; Ehlers, Valerie J.; Hattingh, Susanna P. Report Mar 1, 2009 6811
The experiences of remaining nurse tutors during the transformation of nursing colleges. van Dyk, Ellie C.; van Rensburg, Gisela H.; Tjallinks, Juanita E. Report Mar 1, 2009 8570
Research grants awarded and applications available for 2009: nursing research and evidence-based practice projects. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 98
Reflections on nursing. Feb 1, 2009 742
Fund encourages new researchers. Feb 1, 2009 327
Early career nursing faculty earn opportunity for new collaborative research. Feb 1, 2009 442
Mark your calendar for these upcoming oncology nursing events and deadlines. Calendar Jan 1, 2009 417
A way of knowing, being, valuing and living with compassion energy: a unitary Science and Nursing as Caring perspective. Dunn, Dorothy J. Report Jan 1, 2009 2826
Why dignity at work is imperative for nurses: a nurse, long interested in the impact of nursing work on nurses themselves, embarked on research exploring what dignity at work might mean for nurses. Lawless, Jane Dec 1, 2008 2711
Military nurses--research support available government group. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 166
Making the case for case study research: what research methodology to use is an important question for nursing researchers. Here a nurse researcher details the strengths of case study research and looks at some of the criticisms. Brophy, Sarah Nov 1, 2008 2982
Constructing consensus: developing an advanced nursing practice role. Wilkinson, Jill Report Nov 1, 2008 4130
Pre-school children frequently seen but seldom heard in nursing care. Watson, Paul Report Nov 1, 2008 3362
Major nursing survey to be launched soon. Oct 1, 2008 435
Research grants for nurses. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 130
Updating the research database. Cossar, Debbie Brief article Oct 1, 2008 300
A look at the clinical content of JNN over the last 40 years. Mcilvoy, Laura Oct 1, 2008 1040
A rural nursing center without walls. Weinert, Clarann; Spring, Amber; Cudney, Shirley Report Sep 22, 2008 6034
Dust, sugar-cane and hip-hop: real world research in Africa. Hodgson, Ian Sep 22, 2008 2210
Two New Members Added to NINR's National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. Sep 15, 2008 148
New ARAMARK Healthcare Research Designed to Measure Nursing Satisfaction with Support Services. Aug 14, 2008 795
Hospital nurse practice environments and outcomes for surgical oncology patients. Friese, Christopher R.; Lake, Eileen T.; Aiken, Linda H.; Silber, Jeffrey H.; Sochalski, Julie Report Aug 1, 2008 6704
Why nursing research? Buelow, Janice Aug 1, 2008 1015
Mental stimulation, neural plasticity, and aging: directions for nursing research and practice. Vance, David E.; Webb, Nicole M.; Marceaux, Janice C.; Viamonte, Sarah M.; Foote, Anne W.; Ball, Kar Aug 1, 2008 6093
Nursing research essential for quality care. Aug 1, 2008 302
Nurses Advancing a Culture of Safety: WNA/WSNA Annual Meeting and Conference; special events at the 2008 WNA/WSNA Annual Meeting and Conference. Conference news Aug 1, 2008 883
Workplace Safety and Needlestick Injuries Are Top Concerns for Nurses According to New National Study. Jun 24, 2008 1564
Research news from the IPNRC. Wehling, Barbara Jun 22, 2008 481
New research grants to boost nursing knowledge. Jun 1, 2008 342
Conducting focus groups: experiences from nursing research. Webb, Christine; Doman, Maggie Jun 1, 2008 4847
NINR Welcomes Three New Members to Advisory Council for Nursing Research. May 19, 2008 148
Examining the impact of the inaugural MECA: new research shows more nurses are now working in district health boards than before the inaugural national multi-employer collective agreement and that nursing is now a more attractive career. O'Connor, Teresa May 1, 2008 2039
Awakening from addiction the Maori way: a Maori nurse researcher uncovers the key concepts that helped four Maori overcome their addictions to alcohol and/or other drugs. Hughes, Hemaima May 1, 2008 2052
Should non-Maori research and write about Maori? There is a role for non-Maori nurse researchers, as long as they respect and observe Maori processes, and work collaboratively with the appropriate people. Wilson, Denise May 1, 2008 1896
Research round-Up. Brief article May 1, 2008 148
NURSES DOING PAPERWORK RATHER THAN PATIENT CARE; An increase in paperwork is preventing nurses from spending enough time caring for patients, according to a Royal College of Nursing survey. Health Reporter HELEN RAE explains. Apr 29, 2008 515

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