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Nude pictures of under- age girls on website.

A UK-BASED dating web site which features explicit photographs of apparently underage girls was last night being investigated by police.

A teenager from North Wales North Wales (known in some archaic texts as Northgalis) is the northernmost unofficial region of Wales, bordered to the south by Mid Wales and to the east by England.  was among those pictured on the Faceparty site.

The girl,calling herself Linda,described herself as a lesbian and gave her age as 23 but later said: ``I am 15 really.''

Her entry, before its deletion deletion /de·le·tion/ (de-le´shun) in genetics, loss of genetic material from a chromosome.

Loss, as from mutation, of one or more nucleotides from a chromosome.
, included five nude photographs.

Teenagers appear to be using the web site to offer pornographic por·nog·ra·phy  
1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

2. The presentation or production of this material.

 shots in exchange for mobile phone top-ups and other gifts.

The website, which is one of the UK's largest, is designed to allow its 2.4mmembers to swap messages and meet new people. Children apparently as young as 13 are using the site, which experts fear could be used by paedophiles to hunt potential targets.

Faceparty banned the apparently under-age members and removed their photos within 90 minutes of being alerted, and a spokesman said programmers were attempting to work out new ways of keeping children off the site. The statement also pointed out that all members signed up to terms and conditions which warn they should not download To receive a file transmitted over a network. In any communications session, "download" means receive, and "upload" means send. The download/upload often implies a big/little scenario, in which data is being downloaded from the "big" server into the "little" user's computer.  obscene material,including ``any naked photographs where the model is or appears to be under the age of 18''.

The web site does not allow any members to list their ages as under 16.

A spokesman for the police's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit said it was ``physically impossible'' for web sites with such large databases to monitor all the information.

Officers would now liaise with Faceparty to see the material was removed and measures put in place to prevent more child porn being posted on the site,he said.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 10, 2004
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