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Now you can reach out and touch your vascular surgeon.

Elderly patients in particular will benefit from a new device that avoids the necessity of repeated trips to the doctor's office to evaluate arterial blood flow after arterial leg surgery, according to a news release from the manufacturer, Biometrix, Inc., of Greenwich, Conn.

Called TelePulse, it uses a blood pressure cuff as the sensing element of an instrument that transmits blood flow information over the telephone. The patient phones the doctor, inflates the cuff, and the information transmitted to the doctor enables him to reassure the patient that all is well, or to request that he come in for detailed examination.

Another application of the device permits the family doctor to transmit blood flow information with a vascular surgeon without sending the patient to the surgeon. Thus, the family doctor may save the patient an unnecessary trip if the evidence suggests other than a vascular cause for the leg pain.
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Title Annotation:using TelePulse to transmit blood flow information over the telephone to the doctor
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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