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Novian Health Announces Agreement With Tower Radiology Center in Tampa Bay.

Leading Radiology Practice Offers Novilase[TM] to Treat Breast Lumps

CHICAGO -- Novian Health, manufacturer of Novilase[TM] Breast Therapy for benign breast tumors, announced an agreement with Tower Radiology Center to provide the Novilase laser treatment to treat benign breast lumps.

"Benign breast lumps are common and women often want them removed because even though the tumors are benign, they associate them with breast cancer symptoms," said Miguel Del Toro Miguel Alfonso Del Toro was born on June 22, 1972 in Mexico. Del Toro pitched for the Giants during the 1999 and 2000 seasons. Career
Miguel Del Toro was a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization through the majority of the '90s.
, M.D., a radiologist at Tower Radiology. "Until recently, benign breast tumors were usually removed by surgeons. The Novilase procedure is a valuable addition to radiologists' toolkit, and the procedure will be even more valuable if and when it becomes available to remove cancerous breast tumors."

Novilase is a minimally invasive procedure Minimally invasive surgical procedures avoid open invasive surgery in favor of closed or local surgery with less trauma. These procedures involve use of laparoscopic devices and remote-control manipulation of instruments with indirect observation of the surgical field through an  that uses heat from a laser to destroy benign breast tumors, (e.g., fibroadenomas). These breast lumps appear most often in premenopausal women. Novilase, an alternative to surgical removal, is safe, effective, and less risky than surgery while providing a superior cosmetic outcome. Novilase is FDA-cleared for this indication and is not an experimental procedure.

The procedure is performed using local anesthetic via two small probes inserted through tiny nicks in the skin. Only targeted tissue is destroyed. After the treatment, the nicks are covered with an adhesive bandage and do not require sutures as with surgery. The body's natural healing process repairs the site by replacing ablated tissue with healthy tissue.

Tower Radiology Center is also participating in the American Breast Laser Ablation Therapy Evaluation (ABLATE) data collection program, to gather further clinical information about Novilase.

The Tower agreement is one of several similar agreements being announced by Novian Health this year.

"As Tower Radiology is demonstrating, Novilase can be integrated into a radiology practice to offer patients a minimally invasive treatment alternative," said Henry R. Appelbaum, Novian Health's President and CEO. "We invite any radiologist in Chicago for the RSNA annual conference to contact us at our Chicago headquarters while they're here. We would be happy to provide information about Novilase and arrange a demonstration of the procedure for them."

About Tower Radiology Center

Tower Imaging, Inc. 'dba' Tower Radiology Center, is Tampa Bay's largest physician owned and operated outpatient radiology practice. Tower's highly trained board-certified sub-specialty radiologists provide unparalleled experience in outpatient diagnostic radiology, with specific training in neuroradiology neuroradiology /neu·ro·ra·di·ol·o·gy/ (-ra?de-ol´ah-je) radiology of the nervous system.

1. The branch of radiology that deals with the nervous system.
, musculoskeletal, nuclear medicine, cardiothoracic imaging, women's imaging, pediatric pediatric /pe·di·at·ric/ (pe?de-at´rik) pertaining to the health of children.

Of or relating to pediatrics.
 radiology and vascular & interventional radiology. In addition to Tower's commitment to provide the community with the highest level of quality in diagnostic radiology, Tower radiologists participate in research and teaching as voluntary faculty with University of South Florida College of Medicine As of Fall 2006, there were 477 students in the M.D. program; 78 students in the M.S. and 83 students in the Ph.D. program in the School of Basic Biomedical Sciences; and 55 students in the DPT program in the School of Physical Therapy. , Department of Radiology. For more information, call (813) 24-TOWER or access

About Novian Health

Novian Health Inc., located in Chicago, is a privately held company privately held company

A firm whose shares are held within a relatively small circle of owners and are not traded publicly.
 with proprietary technology for the treatment of tumors using Interstitial Laser Therapy (ILT). The company's minimally invasive Novilase procedure uses ILT (controlled heating) for the ablation of breast tumors as an alternative to the surgically invasive, traditional "lumpectomy Lumpectomy Definition

A lumpectomy is a type of surgery used to treat breast cancer. It is considered "breast-conserving" surgery because in a lumpectomy, only the malignant tumor and a surrounding margin of normal breast tissue are

Novian Health received its first FDA 510(k) market clearance for treating fibroadenomas (benign tumors) of the breast and expects to offer its technology at centers around the country. Approval for treatment of malignant tumors will also be sought. For more information, call (312) 266-7200 or access
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