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November imports take 4.2% decline.

November imports take 4.2% decline

The November imported beer shipments into the U.S. were down 4.2 percent for the month as compared to the same period in 1988. Totals to date were up slightly from October figures, but still continued in the red, showing an 8.3-percent decline to 250.8 million gallons versus 273.6 million in 1988.

Australia again led the way for positive beer shipments with a 130-percent increase to 430,770 gallons compared to November 1988's 187,142. Also in the limelight, Australia's neighbor, New Zealand reported an 85-percent increase to 184,858 gallons in November. Canada and Great Britain also posted sales jumps, reporting 10.2- and 14.4-percent increases, respectively. The Netherlands also reported a modest 0.7-percent gain, slating 6.98 million gallons.

Those countries showing declines in imported beer shipments included Mexico, which was down 34 percent in November to three million gallons, compared to 4.5 million in 1988. Additionally, West Germany was down 8.3 percent as compared to November 1988's numbers.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 5, 1990
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