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Novell Licenses Bitstream's TrueDoc Technology; Font Portability Empowers Envoy Electronic Publishing.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 12, 1995--Bitstream announced today that Novell Inc. has licensed its Bitstream TrueDoc Imaging Technology for use in future versions of Novell's Envoy electronic publishing solution. The technology will enable Envoy users to distribute, view and print documents in the exact format intended, regardless of the applications or fonts used. Envoy users will now have access to exact font reproduction at any resolution across all platforms, applications and devices.

Envoy allows users to create electronic documents in a format that can be distributed, viewed and printed in all popular computing environments. Bitstream's TrueDoc provides users the typographic freedom to use any desired font, without having to embed fonts into the file or worry whether the document's viewers have the necessary fonts installed on their systems. TrueDoc recreates the necessary fonts on the viewing machine -- regardless of the operating system, applications or fonts used on that machine.

"We believe TrueDoc technology is becoming an industry standard for font fidelity solutions," said Mark Calkins, Novell's vice president and general manager for business application development. "TrueDoc gives Envoy publishers and viewers full document fidelity and allows documents to be displayed universally."

TrueDoc delivers 100% font fidelity

TrueDoc's font fidelity capabilities will allow future versions of Envoy to provide accurate font display of an electronic document -- without embedding or synthesizing fonts. TrueDoc's unique font compression technology will allow future versions of Envoy to include any PostScript Type 1, TrueType and bitmap fonts in a fraction of the space used by embedded fonts. Documents created with TrueDoc technology have smaller file sizes and thus faster delivery across networks.

TrueDoc also precisely displays foreign language (double-byte) fonts, dingbats and other ornate characters exactly as they were created, unlike other font technologies that synthesize or substitute fonts.

Font Fidelity

Font fidelity is achieved when the original look and feel of electronic documents is maintained on all screens and printers -- independent of the font format, application, character set, language or operating system. Font fidelity is a critical aspect of people's ability to share documents and information across the enterprise and around the world.

About TrueDoc

Licensed to ISVs as a Software Development Kit, TrueDoc technology is independent of font format, application, character set, language, operating system and devices. It is the only solution that solves the font fidelity problems traditionally associated with portable and electronic documents -- without compromising size, speed or font quality. Ultimately, TrueDoc frees authors to employ any combination of fonts in any format and guarantees that readers can view and print, regardless of whether those same fonts are installed on their systems.

TrueDoc has the potential to be incorporated into electronic publishing, on-line and Internet services, faxing, E-Mail messaging, CD-ROM authoring, electronic books and advertising, operating systems and OpenDoc and other component software to integrate document editing, viewing and management functions.

TrueDoc records all the font character shapes regardless of source format, character shape complexity (including 2-byte), language or character set encoding scheme. TrueDoc then compresses the portable font data to keep file sizes small and network performance high.

Finally, TrueDoc recreates the character shapes at the receiving end using a character generator that is faster than the default rasterizers in Windows 3.1 and Macintosh.

About TrueDoc 2.0

Novell will implement version 2.0 of TrueDoc into Envoy. Version 2.0 offers significant enhancements over previous versions, including a Gray Scale/Anti Aliasing extension, support for bitmap fonts, the ability to access multiple Portable Font Resources (.PFRs), and enhanced TrueType hinting technology for screen and printer output. Also in version 2.0, Bitstream can now deliver TrueDoc Windows .DLLs for 16- and 32-bit environments (such as Windows95 and NT), and Macintosh Libraries in addition to standard ANSI C source code. TrueDoc 2.0 will also be delivered as an OpenDoc component.

About Envoy

Novell Envoy is an innovative portable document product that enables users to view, annotate, manipulate and distribute documents without having the application in which those documents were created. Using minimal hardware resources, Envoy retains all original document design elements, without sacrificing performance or quality. Envoy is part of Novell's successful suite, PerfectOffice 3.0. PerfectOffice combines Novell's leading desktop and workgroup applications including WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, InfoCentral, Envoy, and GroupWise into one integrated solution.

About Novell

The business of Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL) is connecting people to other people and the information they need, enabling them to act on it anytime, anyplace. Novell is the world's leading network software provider. The company's software products provide the distributed infrastructure, network services, advanced network access and network applications required to make networked information and pervasive computing an integral part of everyone's daily life.

About Bitstream Inc.

Bitstream Inc. is a leading developer of graphical and imaging communications solutions. An established industry leader in typographic technology, Bitstream Inc. licenses font technology and type to over 600 hardware and software developers worldwide. Bitstream products and technologies are licensed directly or through partners in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information, call Bitstream at (617) 497-6222. -0-

Note to Editors: Bitstream is a registered trademark of Bitstream Inc. TrueDoc is a trademark of Bitstream Inc. Bitstream is a registered trademark of Bitstream Inc. TrueDoc is a trademark of Bitstream Inc. WordPerfect and Quattro Pro are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. Envoy, Presentations, InfoCentral, and GroupWise are trademarks of Novell, Inc. Macintosh and TrueType are a registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.

CONTACT: Bitstream Inc.

Stefan Wennik, 617/497-6222 ext. 621


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