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Not just another pizza place.

George Harris says his new restaurant, Pizza Chef Gourmet Pizza, is not just another pizza place.

"It's an upscale operation," he says of the franchise in west Little Rock's Green Mountain Plaza. "I felt it was a good time to introduce a good pizza to the Little Rock market."

Of course, there are plenty of central Arkansas pizza chefs who will tell you they already are turning out good pizzas.

But Harris, whose 12-year stint in the restaurant business has included management positions at McDonald's and Godfather's Pizza, says Pizza Chef Gourmet is "different from the other guys."

Pizza Chef, which is based in Arizona, is a relative newcomer to the industry. The first location opened less than a year ago, according to Pat Settergren, who works for the chain. He says Pizza Chef has sold more than 100 franchises in seven months and already has 34 stores operating across the country.

Settergren attributes the company's success to Pizza Chef's unusual menu, which he says is capable of yielding 492 pizza combinations.

Pizza Chef will be available for takeout or delivery only.

The company claims its pizza sauce and dough are made from a "secret recipe." Pizza Chef features whole-wheat crust and toppings that include artichoke hearts, barbecue chicken and oranges.

Customers may purchase baked or unbaked pizzas.

The chain's specialty, The Chef's Abbondanza, is a 4-pound pizza with 10 toppings. It costs $16.95.

When asked if Pizza Chef will enter the battle of guaranteed deliveries, Settergren replies, "The arrangement of gourmet food is important. So, no, we don't guarantee a delivery time."

Pizza Chef does, however, estimate a delivery time with each individual order.

To promote business, Settergren and Harris are mailing out menus and providing coupons with each purchase.
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Title Annotation:George Harris' franchise of Pizza Chef Gourmet Pizza
Author:Rengers, Carrie
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Date:Feb 3, 1992
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