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Not a cottage, it's a hardworking greenhouse.

Nestled between two gentle berms, this back-yard structure looks more like a charming one-room cottage than a hardworking greenhouse. That's exactly what the owners wanted, since the greenhouse is in full view of their house and sits at the edge of their patio. Framed with pressure-treated 2-by-4s and 4-by-4s, the 9- by 12-foot structure is glazed with panels of lightweight, double-walled acrylic. Eight feet tall at the ridge line, the roof slopes down to side walls that stand 50 inches tall at the eaves. It's below the eaves that the disguise really begins, with removable grids of wooden molding giving an appearance of mullioned windows. These grids run at the same level around all four sides of the greenhouse. Below them are panels of ready-made lattice, which is also used in a triangular section below the building's peak. For a subtle sense of depth, window grids and lattice are painted white, while the exposed framework is gray. The little building is set into the grassy berms with permanent plantings growing close to its walls. To further the illusion that it's a cottage, the owners installed a mailbox and a recycled street lamp near the front door. Above the roof, a framework of 2-by-4s extends from the ridge and eaves to support light-reducing shadecloth that rolls up and down like an oversize blind, helping to cool the interior when necessary. Design was by landscape architect Lee Duckering of Fresno, California.
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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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