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Northland cuts labor and fuel costs.


In the four years since installing an automatic firetube cleaning system, Northland Forest Products in Kingston, N.H., a hardwood wholesale distributor to furniture and cabinet manufacturers throughout the Northeast, has realized a savings of more than $70,000.

Northland kiln dries about 5 million board feet of native American hardwood in its Kingston plant each year. Four to five tons of wood fuel is burned each day to produce steam for the dry kiln operation.

Wood-burning boilers can accumulate as much as an 1/8-inch or more of soot in the boiler firetubes. To keep the firetubes clean, they must be manually brushed out at least twice a month. This process normally takes over an hour to accomplish. The soot-laden firetubes also cause the boiler to use more fuel to produce the same amount of steam.

This painstaking, labor-intensive process is no longer required to be done at Northland Forest Products' operation. In 1986, Northland installed one of Fuel Efficiency Inc.'s B.E.T. Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems. With the system, instead of hand brushing twice a month, the B.E.T. automatically air blasts each firetube clean once every hour.

Northland's estimated savings in time, labor and especially fuel, in $50 a day or $18,250 annually. The boiler operates consistently with little or no soot residue in the firetubes.

PHOTO : With the B.E.T. system, no soot blower emission is visible during cleanup.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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