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Nordson application systems make nonwovens innovations a reality.

In today's global marketplace, nonwovens converters need a competitive edge. Success is largely contingent on the ability to adapt and meet the needs of new and changing markets with innovative solutions and product improvements.

The Nordson [R] and Meltex [R] trademarks have become synonymous with innovation among disposable products manufacturers worldwide. Technologies and products like Nordson Controlled Fiberization spray technology; Series 6000 and MX Series hot melt applicators; the Flexi-Spray [R] powder application system; and Meltex coating heads and elastic unwind systems have helped manufacturers stay competitive in the nonwoven disposable products "features race."

Six lab facilities and a new 92,000 square foot development center, located near Atlanta, Georgia, serve as a testimony to Nordson's commitment to the improvement of nonwovens products and the advancement of the nonwovens industry. New ideas and processes for applying materials to improve absorbency, strengthen adhesion and optimize source reduction are tested on a continuing basis.

Superabsorbent powders.

Used to apply superabsorbent powders during the diaper forming process, the Nordson Flexi-Spray system has allowed manufacturers to improve absorbency while reducing material consumption and cost. The system provides uniform distribution of a wide variety of organic and inorganic powder materials as well as selected fiber materials. It can be operated intermittently to apply concentrations of powders to precise areas within the pad, making it ideal for use in manufacturing gender-specific diapers.

Controlled Fiberization process.

Product features and innovations like standing leg gathers, in-line coating of frontal tapes, and foam waists are enhanced by the use of the Controlled Fiberization technology for the application of adhesives.

The Controlled Fiberization process uses directed air jets to create a high frequency spiral of adhesive, minimizing both the heat content and the diameter of the adhesive filament while maintaining precise edge control.

In backsheet lamination applications, manufacturers have been able to downgauge the poly backsheet without increasing burnthrough or heat distortion. Because the process swirls the adhesive at speeds up to 100,000 spirals per minute, the centrifugal force draws the filament into a fine fiber while the rapid movement cools the fiber before it contacts the poly. The result is an edge-to-edge seal without overspray. This has allowed many manufacturers to reduce poly content while reducing adhesive usage by as much as 30 percent.

Controlled Fiberization is also used to improve elastic attachment and diaper pad integrity. The cooled adhesive minimizes or eliminates burn-through and breakage of the heat-sensitive elastic strands. CF spray improves diaper integrity when used to attach the nonwoven sheet to the tissue carrier sheet and the carrier sheet to the diaper core, minimizing "fly away" during manufacturing. The bond created also inhibits wrinkling of the nonwovens sheet, helping to ensure absorbency and baby comfort.

Metering Spray Head Technology.

Nordson [R] Metering Head systems provide precise hot melt adhesive deposition in solid bead and controlled fiberization spray patterns for nonwovens applications.

In its standard configuration, the Metering Spray Head can provide as many as 48 sprayed patterns, each of which is supplied by a gear set that accurately meters the adhesive amount.

The Metering Spray Head combines the accuracy of metering gears with the benefits of controlled fiberization: Complete sealing to keep superabsorbent powders in place; a positive end seal; improved product appearance through uniform coating of fine adhesive fibers; improved product softness versus fine-line lamination; increased pad stability; reduced material usage/thinner poly backsheets; and adhesive material savings compared to fine-line lamination.

Heated Air Manifold Controlled Fiberization guns.

Nordson Heated Air Manifold (HAM) guns build upon the proven design and performance of Nordson CF-200 guns. Heated Air Manifold guns incorporate the air heating function in the air manifold of the gun body. Fewer system components are needed and the need for external air heating devices is eliminated.

Air enters the manifold via Nordson-supplied tubing and travels through a serpentine passageway. Fiberizing air is heated within the gun manifold before it is expelled through the nozzle.

Most HAM-style guns can be controlled electrically by a Nordson or Meltex hot melt applicator. When needed, additional zones of temperature control can be provided with a Nordson Helix [TM] temperature controller.

New developments.

Through research, development and application testing, Nordson is continually seeking to advance the state-of-the-art of applying adhesives, powders, liquids and fibers to disposable products. These efforts have led to the development of several new technologies, including a device for precisely applying uniform coatings of hot melt adhesive at high line speeds. This technology allows for minimal add-on weights with excellent edge control, film uniformity and intermittent pattern capability without contacting the substrate.

A global focus on the nonwovens industry.

Nordson Corporation, headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, has product development and application engineering centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Amherst, Ohio; Luneburg, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan. Nordson's acquisition of Meltex has broadened and enhanced the company's global position, providing a strong European base and expanding Nordson's product line with a variety of specialized application equipment.

The Nordson operation in Luneburg, Germany manages the full Nordson/Meltex product portfolio in support of the European market providing unsurpassed application engineering, product development and manufacturing capabilities in Europe.

Product innovation...the key to continued growth.

Innovations leading to improved products provide benefits to consumers and manufactures alike. Consumers enjoy lighter weight, lower profile products with a growing choice of desireable features. Manufacturers benefit from savings in material costs source reduction and enhanced manufacturing efficiency, while continuing to offer consumers the quality convenience and economy they have come to expect from nonwovens disposable products.

Nordson technologies will continue to focus on systems that will shape the trends and meet the needs of our industry for years to come.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; hot melt adhesive applicators
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Date:May 1, 1992
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