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Nordik Wolf importer helps protect wildlife.

Norkdik Wolf importer helps protect wildlife

Simon Levi Co., Ltd., importer of Nordik Wolf Light Imported Beer, will donate $5,000 and a percentage of sales profits from its newly-published Wolf Store catalog to the Defenders of Wildlife foundation in Washington D.C., the company announced recently.

Proceeds from the catalog will help to re-establish the grey wolf into its native environment at Yellowstone National Park.

The Wolf Store catalog will be distributed in mid-January 1990 to more than 100,000 animal enthusiasts, ecology groups, trade and business contacts. It features numerous wildlife items including original artwork, posters, books and nature recordings. The catalog also contains a variety of Nordik Wolf Light merchandise.

"Defenders is a strong advocate of reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone," said Brad Jacobs, operations manager, Simon Levi. "The foundation also supports area ranchers by compensating them for their loss of cattle if any are killed by wolves."

"Our family has always been concerned with the environment," Jacobs added. "As importers of Nordik Wolf Light beer, we now have an opportunity to do more than market a fine product, we can support an issue we believe in - the preservation of an endangered species."
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Title Annotation:Simon Levi Co. Ltd. contribution to Defenders of Wildlife
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 27, 1989
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