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Nordik Wolf Light hungry for market share.

Nordik Wolf Light hungry for market share

Riding the wave of recent success of imported light beers, Nordik Wolf Light beer has attempted to grab some of the market's spotlight.

"As one of only four light beer imports on the market today, we couldn't be in a better company," said Eric Wing, executive vice president and managing director, Vintner's Importing Co., importers of Nordik Wolf Light beer. "The fact that Amstel Light, Molson Light and Corona Light are there proves that it's a growing market segment."

Wing explained that sales of Nordik Wolf Light have taken off in several U.S. markets, with several experiencing 50 to 70 percent sales increases over the same period last year. To maintain the sales momentum generated through distributors' sales programs and advertising, the decision was made to air-freight containers to Nordik Wolf Light's "critical markets" instead of ocean shipping, which previously took six weeks to arrive, Wing said.

"It's the first time we know of a beer being flown into the United States," Wing commented.

PHOTO : NORDIK WOLF LIGHT importer Eric Wing (left), executive vice president and managing

PHOTO : director, Vintners Import Co. and Dick Thatcher, operations manager, Vintners Importing

PHOTO : Co., toast the soaring success of Nordik Wolf Light beer.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 4, 1989
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