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Nonsurgical Meniere's treatment. (Product Marketplace).

More than 15 years of medical research, combined with technical development, has produced a new treatment for alleviating the symptoms of Meniere's disease: the Meniett[TM] Low-Pressure Pulse Generator from Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

The Meniett device delivers a computer-controlled, complex algorithm of low-pressure pulses to the middle ear, where they act on the round window membrane. It is believe that the energy of the pressure pulses displaces the perilymphatic fluid, which stimulates the flow of endolymphatic fluid and results in a reduction of endolymphatic fluid.

The device is a proven, effective alternative to traditional surgical treatment methods that can be costly and unpredictable in outcome. Treatment with the Meniett device is nondestructive, noninvasive, safe, portable, and simple. It does not require posttreatment rehabilitation, therapy, or additional medications.

Several randomized, placebo-controlled studies have demonstrated both the short-term efficacy and long-term effectiveness of the Meniett device. To review these studies, patient testimonials, and additional information about this device, please visit

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Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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