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No Good Friday dancing in six Swiss cantons

Inhabitants of six of Switzerland's 26 cantons will be required to turn off the music and put away their dancing shoes on Friday to respect a ban on dancing on Good Friday.

Although the local council in Lucerne agreed in March by a single vote to lift a five-century-long prohibition on the light fantastic on Good Friday, one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar, others in the German-speaking north maintain it, the Swiss APS news agency reported Wednesday.

The cantons of Uri, Obwaldwen, Schaffhausen, Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn forbid dancing on Good Friday while the puritans of Appenzell Innerrhoden ban it during the whole of Holy Week.

For years many Protestant cantons banned dancing altogether forcing fans of the waltz, tango, samba and others to flock to the more tolerant Catholic cantons to practice their art.

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Publication:AFP Global Edition
Date:Apr 8, 2009
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