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New views, more light ... they shifted rooms, knocked down walls.

New views, more light ... they shifted rooms, knocked down walls

Finding an affordable house in pricy San Francisco was a real coup for architect Andreas von Foerster and his wife, Marilyn. Turning it into a house they could love took imagination and hard work. Although it sits on top of a hill, the house turned a blind eye to available views. A moldy bath, dated kitchen, and covered porch took up the slope-facing rear area. Relocating the plumbing allowed von Foerster to shift the main-floor kitchen and bath to the side. Knocking out unnecessary walls united a warren of gloomy rooms into a single, light-filled space. A 15-foot extension enlarged the living area and created space for a ground-level office. Now, whether cooking, dining, relaxing, or working, the von Foersters can enjoy striking views of the city. On the second story, they shifted a bath to the rear of the master bedroom, which opens onto a new deck built atop the living room extension. Von Foerster (who did most of the work himself) estimates that relocating the plumbing and moving two baths cost about $20,000. Raising the floor of a street-facing bedroom by 30 inches (the room had 10-foot ceilings) eked out enough space for a garage underneath.

PHOTO : Small kitchen keeps to itself while enjoying spaciousness of dining and living areas. New

PHOTO : stairwell, at his right, leads down to office

PHOTO : Tucking garage under house involved raising floor of high-ceilinged room behind bay

PHOTO : Before (left), dark hall led to view-blocking kitchen. Now (right), you can see through

PHOTO : expanded living area to San Francisco skyline. Continuous carpet smooths transitions
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Title Annotation:house remodeling
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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