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New tracks for an old warrior.

There's a new track available for your M113-series vehicles, crewmen. T150F is a double-pin track that lasts longer and performs better than the old T130E1 single-pin track you're you're  

Contraction of you are.

you're you are
you're be
 used to.

TB 9-2530-369-20-1, Modification to Convert M113A3 FOV FOV Field Of View
FOV Field Of Vision
FOV Fist of Vengeance (gaming)
FOV Family Of Vehicles
FOV Flight Operations Version
FOV Forward Observer Vehicle
FOV Fiber Optic Vehicle
FOV Format Options Valid
 Carriers, M113A2 FOV Carriers, M548A1/A3 Carriers and OSV/MBT Vehicles TI30E1 Track to T150F Track, will soon be published to provide guidance on the conversion process.

Each new track shoe track shoe

a light running shoe fitted with steel spikes for better grip
 comes with NSN NSN National Stock Number
NSN Nokia Siemens Networks
NSN National Storytelling Network
NSN NATO Stock Number
NSN New Substances Notification (CEPA)
NSN National Student Number (NZ)
NSN Never Say Never
 2530-01-496-4444. It takes 63 track shoes for the left side and 64 for the right side of M113 FOVs. The M548 takes 66 track shoes for each side.

Correct Sprocket Carrier Needed

Before you convert your vehicle to the new T150F track, make sure you've you've  

Contraction of you have.

you've you have
you've have
 got the correct sprocket carrier.

Some vehicles still have the old-style old-style adjtradicional, chapado a la antigua

old-style adjà l'ancienne (mode)

old-style adj
 sprocket carrier, NSN 2520-00-679-7960. The old sprocket carrier will not allow the 3-in mounting bolts to tighten all the way. The added length of the 3-in bolts is needed because of the additional weight and stress of the T150F track.

So check those sprocket carriers before converting to T150F track and replace them with NSN 2520-00-678-8382 if necessary.

After the Conversion

If your vehicle has already been converted to the new track, you may have already noticed a problem. The roadwheel lifter (dog bone), NSN 5120-01-062-5607, that's part of the organizational maintenance That maintenance that is the responsibility of and performed by a using organization on its assigned equipment. Its phases normally consist of inspecting, servicing, lubricating, and adjusting, as well as the replacing of parts, minor assemblies, and subassemblies.  tool set, doesn't does·n't  

Contraction of does not.
 work with T150F track. That makes it hard to replace roadwheels.

Order wheel lifter, NSN 5120-01-496-3694, as a replacement for the old dog bone. Until it arrives, mechanics can use the 8-ton hydraulic hand jack, NSN 5120-00-595-8396, to raise the roadwheel arm.

Position the jack on the track below the roadwheel arm. Make sure the jack is centered on the arm spindle spindle: see spinning.

A rotating shaft in a disk drive. In a fixed disk, the platters are attached to the spindle. In a removable disk, the spindle remains in the drive. Laptops use spindle designations to indicate the number of built-in drives.
. You might want to use a piece of wood between the jack and roadwheel arm to help center the jack and protect the arm spindle.

Raise the roadwheel arm high enough to keep it from hitting the center guides when removing the roadwheel.
          Item                   NSN/PN        Qty in kit

Sprocket wheel              3020-01-496-4445        4
Mounting plate              5340-01-497-7433        4
Rubber sprocket cushion     2520-00-679-9657        4
Mounting bracket            5340-01-497-5173        4
Flat washer, 2-in dia       5310-01-497-2285        4
Flat washer, 1-in dia       5310-00-809-5998        8 *
Screw, 1.25-in long         5305-00-071-2067        4 *
Screw, 1.5-in long          5305-00-071-2069        4 *
Bolt, 1.25-in long          5306-01-132-3363       20
Bolt, 3-in long             5305-01-496-6745       40
Track pin alignment gauge   5220-01-504-2610        2
Track wear gauge            5220-01-496-3692        1
End connector puller        5120-01-496-3689        1
Wrench                      55719-IM-362            1
Wrench handle               45225-H-377             1
Handle extension            55719-36A               1

* NSN brings 100 each. The kit comes with the quantity listed.
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