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New privacy for a formerly public front yard.

New privacy for a formerly public front yard

Screened from the street, this entrance garden is a shady retreat in what used to be an open-to-the-public front yard.

Since the house occupies a narrow bench of land overlooking the Clearwater River and Lewiston, Idaho, its garden area has always been limited, and the lawn surrounding it was "just something to mow and rake.' Owners Karen and Wynne Blake asked landscape designer James E. Haney to plan a less demanding, more private garden.

You see the results above.

Leveling the front yard, which had sloped upward to the street, and paving it with brick made the usable, easy-care outdoor sitting area. Surrounding it with a 6-foot-tall solid fence gave privacy.

Along the street, the fence's concrete footing acts as a retaining wall; 4-by-4 fence posts attach with metal straps.

For a finished look outside and in, 1-by-6s face both sides of the fence; 2-by-6s laid flat cap the barrier, whose stain matches the putty tan paint of the house.

Shaded by European birch and conifers, the garden stays cool and inviting all day. Wrought-iron gates, though light in feeling, discourage casual trespassing by neighborhood dogs.

Photo: Solid fence and new garage hide entrance garden from the street; towering trees cool it during the summer

Photo: Brick paving in courtyard was laid on sand by owners, working within framework of 2-by-4s. Steps lead 2 1/2 feet up to driveway; rhododendrons and other shade lovers fill beds at foot of fence
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Date:Aug 1, 1984
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