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New patio roof for shade and brightness.

Providing shelter from the afternoon sun was the top priority in designing a new patio for this ranch-style house. As a bonus, the addition now has a stylish outdoor dining area.

Before the remodel (see lower left picture), a small, flimsy awning provided little protection from the sun and rain. The new 10-foot-deep, 29-foot-long roof extension provides shelter without entirely blocking the light. Designed for Beverly and Lee Altschuler by architect Victor H. Lee of Menlo Park, California, this part-open, part-covered roof also makes the patio feel more spacious.

Along the house wall, the new roof connects to a 3-by-10 ledger tucked under the eaves. At the edge of the patio, it rests on turned columns. The 4-by-12 and 4-by-14 beams support a 7-foot-wide section of 2-by-6 decking with a built-up roof. Over the open rafters on the outher 3 feet of roof, 2-by-4s spaced 8 inches apart and topped with 2-by-2s give a trellis-like appearance.

Lee also opened the wall facing the patio by adding two sets of French doors. Three fixed windows matching the shape of the French doors replaced the old living room windows, allowing more light to filter indoors. All the new windows are double glazed.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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