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New insurance option for workers.

New Insurance Option for Workers

The many people with disabilities who want to work now face fewer obstacles. Previously, beneficiaries who lost their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) eligibility because of substantial paid employment retained Medicare coverage for 36 months, and then this also stopped. A new option eliminates this problem.

As of July 1990, SSDI/Medicare beneficiaries who return to work and have earnings in excess of current Social Security limits (known as "SGA") are now able to purchase Medicare after their eligibility ends. Beneficiaries may now buy Medicare after exhausting the 12-month trial work period and the 36-month extended period: that is, 48 months after returning to work.

One caveat: they will be allowed to buy Part A, hospitalization, or Part A and Part B, major medical coverage, but not part B alone. Moreover, for some people, the cost of Part A will be fully or partially paid by Medicaid, even if the person is not enrolled in Medicaid.

These buy-in provisions can help; but be sure to check with your chapter and local Social Security office about Medicaid/Medicare stipulations and your state's requirements.
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Title Annotation:Social Security Disability Insurance/Medicare
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Date:Jun 22, 1990
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