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New hydraulic fluid trims energy consumption.

Niigon Technologies Ltd., a custom injection molder in Moose Deer Point First Nation, Canada, replaced the standard mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid in a Husky H160 press with a new synthetic fluid. After two weeks testing with a power meter attached to the machine, Niigon found it had saved an average of 13.6% in energy consumption with the new oil.

Niigon was trying out Shell Tellus EE, a new hydraulic oil from Shell Lubricants, Houston. In designing this fluid, Shell examined where the energy losses occur in hydraulic systems. Researchers found that the pump itself accounts for only 6% of the energy losses, while 77% occurs through frictional drag in filters and piping. Shell then engineered this fluid to reduce energy losses throughout the system. (Note: Removing filters to save energy is not recommended!)

Previously sold in Japan and Europe, Tellus EE is now available globally and reportedly meets the requirements of Arburg, Engel, Husky, and Krauss Maffei, among others. It is also approved by leading hydraulic pump makers such as EatonVickers, Bosch Rexroth, and Parker Hannifin. Energy savings in hydraulic machinery with Tellus EE are said to average 8%. Shell also says the new synthetic oil provides greater service life than mineral-base oils, as it lasts up to six times longer than equipment suppliers' recommendations for hydraulic oil in standard tests. These factors help make up for the higher price of the new oil

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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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