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New exhibitors for 1993.

This year's exhibitors will represent an exciting variety of new products and services. Here is just a small sample of the companies who'll be new to the RIMS exhibit hall, covering everything from driver training programs to environmental compliance software.

De'Muir SPG International, based in Long Beach, California, assists its clients in preventing workers' compensation claims by means of behavior modification programs. "These programs are designed to make it socially unacceptable, through peer pressure, to file fraudulent claims or engage in unsafe behavior," says Patficia Berry, the company's CEO and an industrial psychologist.

The company provides money-back guarantees to some of its clients should they not experience at least a 22 percent reduction in claims. De'Muir SPG International chose to exhibit at the Conference because "the company's uncommon approach of behavior modification could be especially useful for risk managers attempting to reduce workers' compensation claims among employees who are not directly responsible to them," Ms. Berry says.

Another first-time'exhibitor is FLI Learning Systems Inc., based in Princeton, New Jersey, which produces vehicle-specific driver training programs designed for drivers of cars; buses; trucks; public works vehicles; vans; vehicles transporting passengers with disabilities; and police, fire and ambulance vehicles. "Many of our big clients are insurance companies that either use our programs in-house or recommend them to their insureds, so we wanted to try exhibiting here," says Diane Menie, vice president of marketing for FLI Learning Systems Inc.

Madison, Wisconsin-based Meridian Resource Corp, the 18month-old health care and employee benefits consulting company, is also new to the RIMS exhibit hall. The company's services include claims audits of self-insureds' third-party administrators, health care data analysis and insurance cost comparisons, notes Kate VanderVelde, a consulting analyst for Meridian.

Three-year-old Fox Bay Industries Inc. plans for the first time to display its ergonomic products, including wrist and foot supports that are designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion disorders. The manufacturer, based in Kent, Washington, maintains that by increasing worker comfort, safety and morale through ergonomically correct workstations and proper ergonomic practices, risk managers can save their companies both time and money.

Located in the Conference's backyard in Altamonte Springs, newcomer OSHA-tech Corp. hopes to make risk management and regulatory compliance more manageable through its exclusive distribution of RiskPRO. This DOS-based software package is designed to help manage employee, non-employee and property incident tracking applicable to both manufacturers and the health care industry. OSHA-tech's president, Chuck Friedman, states that the software "started out as a compliance product for incident reporting, but then it mushroomed. By virtue of our client's input, the software evolved into a risk management product that can help identify problem areas and manage overall exposure." Since RiskPRO has been around for less than two years, this year's Conference is the first real opportunity for the company to exhibit it.

Also new to the RIMS Conference is Tucson, Arizona-based Work Recovery Inc., which will be featuring its line of ERGOS functional capacity testing and work hardening/work conditioning equipment units. A nationwide network of functional capacities testing and work therapy/work hardening clinics has also been established to operate in conjunction with the ERGOS products. "We've chosen to exhibit at the RIMS Conference because of interest from risk managers in our products and services aimed at achieving early return-to-work for their employees," says Linda Duncan, assistant director of marketing.

The Precertification Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a nationally accredited managed care organization that conducts reviews of health care utilization and medical necessity through a variety of pre-treatment screening services and related programs. "One of the areas we focus on is workers' compensation because of its close connection with worker disability," states President Jerry Boyer. The center's staff of doctors and/or nurses works directly with an employee's personal physician to design a treatment plan that will minimize the employee's time away from work while assuring ample opportunity for recovery and rehabilitation.

Along these same lines, Risk Assessment Systems Inc., a Memphis, Tennessee, company providing employee group wellness assessments, is also a first-time exhibitor. Not driven solely by questionnaires like many wellness programs are, this company "uses the results from its in-house clinical testing lab in conjunction with questionnaires," asserts Jim Holcombe, the company's vice president of marketing. "This way, we can correlate what the employees say with the information their bodies provide for us."
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