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New York independent drug stores settle.

New York independent drug stores settle

In the New York City area, the Empire State Pharmaceutical Society, comprised of 320 independent drug stores, settled with Local 1199, Drug, Hospital and Health Care Employees; a unit of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. The 3-year agreement, which was reportedly similar to the union's December 1988 settlement with several major drug store chains, included an 8-percent salary increase retroactive to the October 8, 1988, termination date of the prior agreement, and 7-percent increases in October of 1989 and 1990. After the initial increase, minimum weekly salaries were $700 for pharmacists and $190 for cashiers, clerks, and stockworkers.

The contract, covering 2,500 employees, also provided for increasing the stores' payment to the benefit fund to an amount equal to 11.8 percent of payroll, from 11.4 percent; shifting 1.3 percentage points of the stores' financing of pensions to the benefit fund; establishing a drug and alcohol testing policy; and establishing a provision that employees hired after April 7, 1990, must join the union and employers are required to withhold union dues from the pay of these employees if they sign check-off forms.
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Title Annotation:Developments in Industrial Relations
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
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Date:Jun 1, 1989
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