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New Surfactants.

Here is a list of surfactants introduced by suppliers during the past 12 months. For more information on the preservatives listed here, please contact the company at the number provided.
* Burlington Chemical Company, Inc.
Burlington, NC
(800) 672-5888
Fax: (336) 584-3548

Burcomul ME-97

Description: emulsifier blend

Applications: emulsifier for methyl
esters of soy, canola and sunflower oils

Use levels: 10-20%

Attributes: For use in the formulation
of soaps, emulsions, cleaners/degreasers.

Burcosoft LEQ

Description: ester quat fabric softener

Applications: I&I and consumer softeners

Use levels: 10-25%

Attributes: Cold water dilutable at
room temperature. Non-flammable.
Excellent rewetting and non-yellowing

* Cognis Corp.
Ambler, PA
(800) 531-0815
Fax: (215) 628-1450

Texapon 611

INCI: sodium laureth sulfate and lauryl
glucoside and cocamidopropyl

Applications: shampoos, body washes
and dishwashing liquids

Use levels: 10-60%

Comments: Mild, high foaming surfactant
system based on the synergistic
combination of sodium laureth sulfate,
lauryl glucoside and cocamidopropyl
betaine is ideally suited for personal
washing applications.

Euperlan PK 4000

INCI: glycol distearate and laureth-4
and cocamidopropyl betaine

Applications: shampoos, body washes
and dishwashing liquids

Use levels: 4-15%

Comments: Euperlan PK 4000 is the
latest addition to the Euperlan line of
cold processable pearls and is the the
highest concetration liquid pearl in the
market at 40% solids. The elimination
of a hot process to add a pearl wax
reduces batch cycle times and results in
a uniform pearl appearance in every

Emulgade CM

INCI: cetearyl isononanoate and
ceteareth-20 and cetearyl alcohol and
glyceryl stearate and glycerine and
cetyl palmitate and ceteareth-12

Applications: creams and lotions

Use levels: 5-20%

Comments: Cream base for the simple
cold preparation of most types of oil-in-water
emulsions, including sun care
lotions, facial wipes, and creams and

* Croda, Inc.
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 644-4900
Fax: (973) 644-9222

Incroquat Behenyl 18-MEA

INCI: behentrimonium methosulfate
(and) quaternium-33 (and) cetyl alcohol

Applications: conditioners for aging,
weathered, permed or color-treated
hair, leave-on and conventional conditioners,
nourishing and treatment-type
products, styling products, heat-activated
products, ethnic maintenance

Use levels: 1-5%

Comments: A fatty quaternized derivative
of 18-methyl eicosanoic acid (18-MEA),
the primary lipid of the hair surface.
Product replenishes lipid surface
of hair, makes hair more hydrophobic,
improves wet and dry combing, repairs
surface damage, protects against environmental
stress and adds lubricity
and shine.

In combing studies on bleached hair,
Incroquat Behenyl 18-MEA dramatically
reduced the peak load and total
work of wet and dry combing. Hair
fibers also showed a 15 [degrees] increase in
contact angle, indicating that the hair
had become more hydrophobic after
treatment with Incroquat Behenyl 18-MEA.

Hair that has been chemically-treated
or mechanically stressed is often
lacking 18-MEA. This makes it unmanageable,
less healthy-looking and more
susceptible to environmental damage.
It is expected to help restore the 18-MEA
that is lost from the hair surface.
Product is approved for use in Europe.

Incroquat Behenyl TMC-50B

INCI: behentrimonium chloride (and)
cetyl alcohol (and) buytlene glycol

Applications: conventional and leave-on

Use levels: 1-8%

Attributes: Environmentally-friendlier
version of chloride quat; no volatile
solvents; safer/easier handling, non-hazardous,
highest possible activity as

Incroquat DCMC

INCI: dicetyldimonium chloride

Applications: conventional and leave-on
conditioners, cream rinses, creams/

Use levels: 2-5%

Attributes: Cost-effective, high activity
dialkyl quat, good detangling,
wet/dry combing, static control, emulsifying
properties; improved skin feel in

* DeForest Enterprises, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL
(561) 994-9696
Fax: (561) 994-9995

DePHOS H-66-872

Description: potassium salt of organic
phosphate ester mixture

Applications: low foam alkaline acid
cleaners, high pressure detergents and
soak tank cleaners

Use levels: 2.0-10.0%

Attributes: low foam alkaline and acid
cleaners, high pressure detergents and
soak tank cleaners

Comments: Hydrotrope/solubilizer of
nonionics and anionics in low foaming
alkaline or acidic systems.


Description: surfactant concentrate

Applications: "no tear" baby shampoos,
mild conditioning shampoos, body
washes, facial cleansers, alcohol-free

Use levels: 10.0-30.0%

Attributes: A DEA-free surfactant
concentrate for use in preparing
extremely mild, viscous shampoos. Can
be diluted up to 2:1 to produce ready to
use "no tear" baby shampoos. Provides
excellent after-feel on skin.

DeCore APCI-95

Description: modified carboxylate

Applications: synthetic cutting fluids,
water-based lubricants, metal-treating
baths, radiator fluids, aerosol formulations
and alkaline metal cleaners

Use levels: 0.5-2.0%

Attributes: An excellent, versatile,
multi-purpose corrosion inhibitor. It
provides corrosion inhibition on magnesium,
brass, copper and aluminum as
well as ferrous and other non-ferrous
metals. This virtually non-foaming
biodegradable surfactant is effective at
low use levels in systems having a pH
greater than 7.

* Hampshire Chemical Corp.
a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co.
Lexington, MA
(781) 869-3433
Fax: (781) 860-5290

LGB anionic surfactant

INCI: lauroyl glutamic acid butylamid

Use levels: 25% in water

Applications: Acts as a thickener and
gelation agent for hydrocarbon-based
personal care formulations, including
baby oils, antiperspirants, purees of
essential oils, hair care preparations,
cosmetics and more.

* Jeen International Corp.
Little Falls, NJ
(973) 812-9087
Fax: (973) 812-2305

Jeechem Shampoo BSC

INCI: PEG 80 sorbitan laurate, sodium
trideceth sulfate, PEG 150 distearate,
lauroamphocarboxy glycinate, cocoamidopropyl
betaine, disodium laureth (3)

Use levels: 25% in water

Applications: mild hair shampoo base

Jeechem GC-7

INCI: PEG 7 glyceryl cocoate

Applications: moisturizer for shampoos

Use levels: 3-5%

* Kao Chemicals Europe
(49) 2822-711-0
Fax: (49) 2822-711-201

Akypo RLM 70

INCI: laureth-3 carboxylic acid

Use levels: 3-7%

Applications: cosmetics and cleaners

Akypo A 15

INCI: trideceth-2 carboxamide MEA

Use levels: 2-5%

Applications: cosmetics

Akypo N

INCI: PEG-4 rapeseedamide

Use levels: 2-5%

Applications: cosmetics and cleaners

* Larex, Inc.
White Bear Lake, MN
(651) 636-2628, (800) 386-5300
Fax: (651) 426-8587

LaraCare A 200

INCI: galactoarabinan

Use levels: 0.25-1.0%

Applications: stabilize sprayable
emulsions by reducing oil droplet size

* Manro Performance Chemicals Ltd.
Stalybridge, Cheshire, UK
44 (0) 161 338 5511
Fax: 44 (0) 161 303 2991

Tensianol SF

Description: a syndet base containing
a complex mixture of mild surfactants,
binders and plasticizers

Applications: cosmetic cleansing and
beauty bars

Comments: A fully formulated syndet
(soap-free) flake. Only requires addition
of perfume and any special additives.
Creates a very mild formulation
with high levels of moisturizing ingredients
and an immediate luxurious
dense foam.

Tensianol HM

Description: A syndet base containing
a complex mixture of mild surfactants
and binders combined with soap

Applications: transparent cleansing
bars for cosmetic and novelty use

Comments: A fully formulated transparent
cleansing bar that combines
excellent clarity, foaming ability and
ease of use.

Tonsopol DX-dentrifice grade

Description: sodium lauryl sulphate

Applications: a foaming agent in
toothpaste and industrial applications

Use levels: 1-5% in toothpaste, dentrifice
and mouthwash applications

Comments: Free-flowing sodium alkyl
sulphate needles for toothpaste applications
via a new energy conserving
drying process.

* Maybrook, Inc.
Lawrence, MA
(978) 682-1853
Fax: (978) 682-2544

Supro-Tech S

INCI: sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soap
protein (and) sorbitol

Use levels: 5-20%

Applications: mousses, shampoos,
conditioners, facial and body washes

Comments: Soy-derived protein surfactant.
Mild cleansing; good afterfeel.

* Pilot Chemical Company
Red Bank, NJ
(732) 576-1900
Fax: (732) 530-0844

Eucarol AGE-EC

INCI: disodium cocopolyglucose citrate

Use levels: 5-50%

Applications: degreaser for liquid
dish and hard surface cleaners

Comments: Very mild on hands.

* Rhodia Inc.
Cranbury, New Jersey
(609) 860-4000
Fax: (609) 860-0458
General email:


Description: polyester copolymer

Use levels: 1% as supplied

Applications: laundry and carpet

Comments: A complete range of soil
release polymers offering outstanding
soil release performance on synthetic
fibers suitable for a broad range of formulations.

Mirapol HSC

Description: proprietary copolymer

Suggested use levels: .5-1.5% as supplied.

Applications: all-purpose cleaners,
glass cleaners, kitchen and bathroom
cleaners, bleach cleaners and antibacterial

Comments: The Mirapol HSC series
brings unique surface modification
properties to a range of common household
surfaces including ceramic and
glass. The key benefits of these materials
include rapid surface wetting and
fast, streak free drying.


Description: amphoteric surfactants

Use levels: .25% to 1.5% depending on

Applications: Hard surface cleaning,
hand dish liquid, carpet cleaners.

Comments: A complete range of
amphoteric surfactant suitable for a
broad spectrum of home care and I&I

* RITA Corporation
Woodstock, IL
(815) 337-2500
Fax: (815) 337-2522

Ritafactant 122HFP

INCI: Sodium C14-C16 olefin sulfonate
(and) ammonium lauryl sulfate (and)
cocamidopropyl betaine (and) sodium
caproyl lactylate (and) glycol stearate
(and) stearamide AMP (and) PEG-150

Use levels: up to 50%

Applications: high-foaming shampoos
and body wash products

Comments: Ritafactant 122HFP is
cold mix system that produces an ultra
high foam volume. It is a mild, stable
and highly cost-effective surfactant

Ritafactant 122MS

INCI: cocamidopropyl betaine (and)
sodium caproyl lactylate

Use levels: up to 20%

Applications: baby products, products
used around the eyes and for mild
shampoos and body wash applications

Comments: Ritafactant 122MS creates
a wet spherical, high volume foam
with excellent stability, providing a
mild, cost-effective foaming surfactant
package. An ideal amide-free and sulfate-free

Ritafactant 138AN

INCI: decyl glucoside (and) sodium lauroyl

Use levels: up to 30%

Applications: baby products, products
used around the eyes and for mild
shampoos and body wash applications

Comments: Ritafactant 138AN is an
excellent "all natural" surfactant blen
that is extremely mild and stable. An
ideal amide-free and sulfate-free system.

* U.S. Cosmetics Corporation
Dayville, CT
(860) 779-3990
Fax: (860) 779-3994

S-Face M-1001

INCI: polyglyceryl-10 myristate

Use levels: 1-5%

Applications: lotions, creams, gels
and other hair and personal care formulations

Comments: Plant-derived polyglycerol
fatty acid ester. HLB 14.8

S-Face IS-1001

INCI: polyglyceryl-10 isostearate

Use levels: 1-5%

Applications: lotions, creams, gels
and other hair and personal care formulations

Comments: Plant-derived polyglycerol
fatty acid ester. HLB 13.7

S-Face IS-201

INCI: polyglyceryl-2 isostearate

Use levels: 1-5%

Applications: lotions, creams, gels
and other hair and personal care formulations

Comments: Plant-derived polyglycerol
fatty acid ester. HLB 4.7

* Uniqema
Wilmington, DE
(888) 424-3696
Fax: (302) 887-3525

Promidium 2

INCI: PPG-2 hydroxyethyl coco/isotearamide

Applications: liquid soaps, hand
washes, shampoos, body cleansers,
bubble baths, hair colorants, permanent

Comments: A next-generation 100%
active liquid surfactant that is a
replacement for DEA-alkanolamides.
Promidium 2 provides excellent foam
stabilization and fragrance solubilization
in formulations. This new technology
also provides outstanding salt
response viscosity in formulated products--comparing
favorably to traditional
DEA-based alkanolamides.

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