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New Reg Z requirements effective July 30.

The Federal Reserve Board on May 8 approved revisions to its Regulation Z mortgage disclosure requirements that implement provisions of the July July: see month.  2008 Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act.

The revisions go into effect for dwelling-secured mortgage loan applications received on or after July 30, 2009.

Under the MDIA MDIA Mount Diablo Interpretive Association (San Francisco Bay Area)
MDIA Middle Development Inspection Agencies
, lenders are required to provide good-faith estimates of mortgage loan costs, called early disclosures, within three business days after receiving a mortgage loan application and before any fees are collected from the consumer, other than a reasonable credit check fee.

The rules also enact MDIA rules that impose a seven business day waiting period between the early disclosure and closing date. Additionally, lenders must provide new disclosures, including a revised annual percentage rate if the existing interest rate significantly changes between the time the early disclosure is provided and the closing date.


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 will examine the final rule to determine whether concerns the trade group addressed in its comment letter have been addressed, said Assistant General Counsel Jeffrey Bloch Bloch , Konrad Emil 1912-2000.

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. CUNA had suggested the timing restrictions be relaxed if the changed APR APR

See: Annual Percentage Rate
 resulted in an interest rate reduction and that the Fed replace the two definitions of "business day" that were in the proposed rule with a single definition.
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Publication:Credit Union Times
Date:May 27, 2009
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