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New Product Offers Solution to Meet High-Speed Bandwidth Demands; Astrocom's IMUX-2000/4 Aggregates Up to 4 WAN Data Links to Deliver Data Rates of Up to 8Mbps.

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Astrocom Corporation (OTCBB:ATCC) announced today the IMUX-2000/4, the first of a family of MultiLink Access devices (inverse multiplexers) that can aggregate up to 4 serial connections (T1, E1, V.35, DSL etc.) over a singe bundled line. The IMUX-2000 family is designed to meet exploding WAN bandwidth requirements in business and ISP environments by utilizing existing copper, bridging the gap between T1 and T3 service.

Bonding up to 4 serial connections, the IMUX-2000/4 will allow users to upgrade their existing T1/E1 lines to higher bandwidths (up to 8Mbps) without having to install costly T3/E3 lines. The IMUX-2000/4 with an integrated or external CSU/DSU provides an affordable and scaleable option for applications requiring additional WAN bandwidth without incurring the cost of a higher speed connection.

Bandwidth aggregation allows increased Internet access speed, load balancing and redundancy (if one line goes down, the others remain in service). Should one line be lost for any reason, hot swappable individual WAN interface modules allow real time trouble shooting and repair without interruption of the remaining WAN connections.

"With more than 1.5 million T1 lines in the United States, there are a growing number of companies where existing copper lines are not meeting the current bandwidth demands," said Ron Thomas, Astrocom's CEO. "The IMUX-2000 is positioned to meet these existing demands by allowing users to bridge the gap between T1 and T3 efficiently and cost effectively."

The IMUX-2000 is standards compliant and supports Multi-Link PPP and Multi-Link Frame Relay and can be configured as a bridge or as a router.

Since 1968, Astrocom products have been utilized in hundreds of thousands of installations around the world. These products are used by private enterprises, health care providers, Internet service providers, and government and educational entities that require high-speed digital communications links between facilities.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 29, 2000
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