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New Pope's Robes Cause Storm of Protest.

Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Protesters in Rome staged a demonstration aimed at the new pope.

His identity remains a mystery, his dress code does not. Ermine ermine, name for a number of northern species of weasel having white coats in winter, and highly prized for their white fur. It most commonly refers to the white phase of Mustela erminea, called short-tailed weasel in North America and stoat in the Old World.  fur will edge his ceremonial robes robe  
1. A long loose flowing outer garment, especially:
a. An official garment worn on formal occasions to show office or rank, as by a judge or high church official.

b. An academic gown.

 and that brought activists to demonstrate outside the Holy Father's tailors in Rome, Euronews reported.

"Animals also have a spirit," they chanted upsetting the neighbors and catching the discreet tailors by surprise.

"We are here wondering if the Vatican is going back to the middle ages rather than being in 2013.Because the new pope is going to wear also a cloak with fur. So we are going to pray and ask the new pope not to wear furs," explained Walter Caporale who is President of the group Animalisti Italiani Onlus.

For the Gammarelli tailors who will dress the new pontiff from head to toe his identity has not exercised their minds but his size.

Their guidance has been practical rather than spiritual. Small, medium and large garments have been prepared as have shoes of every size.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
Date:Mar 12, 2013
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