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New CITYgreen.

AMERICAN FORESTS American Forests is a nonprofit conservation organization that promotes healthy forests and urban tree planting.

The organization was established in 1875 as the American Forestry Association, by physician/horticulturist John Aston Warder and a group of like-minded citizens
 has released a new version of its CITYgreen geographic information system geographic information system (GIS)

Computerized system that relates and displays data collected from a geographic entity in the form of a map. The ability of GIS to overlay existing data with new information and display it in colour on a computer screen is used primarily to
 (GIS) software that allows users to take advantage of new GIS tools.

The software uses the strength of the Internet to import landcover data from remote sources via the Internet. From there users can access many types of geographic content, including dynamic maps, downloadable data, and more advanced Web services (1) Loosely, any online service delivered over the Web. Such usage appears in articles from non-technical sources, but not in IT-oriented publications, because definition #2 below describes the correct use of the term. .

CITYgreen for ArcGIS, which is designed for professional GIS users, "can help communities save millions of dollars in meeting air and water quality regulations by accurately calculating the work performed by their green infrastructure," says Gary Moll, vice president of urban forestry Urban forestry is the care and management of urban forests, i.e., tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment. Urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure.  at AMERICAN FORESTS.

A water quality analysis model that computes the effect trees and other forms of landcover have on 10 pollutants pollutants

see environmental pollution.
 present in nearby bodies of water is new in the latest version. The software also includes a simplified user interface, updated equations for computing analyses, and enhanced reporting and presentation capabilities.

Previous versions of CITYgreen ran as extensions to ArcView 3.x ArcView 3.x is a geographic information system software product produced by ESRI. History
ArcView started as a graphical program for spatial data and maps made using ESRI's other software products.
. AMERICAN FORESTS continues to offer CITYgreen 5 for those wishing to stay with the ArcView platform or who wish to run energy conservation and tree growth models. The version is ideal for schools, and free teaching materials and lesson plans are provided on AMERICAN FORESTS' website. CITYgreen for Windows, planned for later this year, is designed for nontechnical users who want to run an analysis without having additional need of ArcGIS.

For more information, visit
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Title Annotation:News from the World of Trees
Publication:American Forests
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Date:Mar 22, 2004
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