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Navy Using New Cyclopss Decontamination Technology.

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ --

The United States Navy is using a new decontamination technology developed by Cyclopss Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: OZON). The Cyclopss systems are currently operating in Navy facilities in San Diego, California, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The ECO-WASH Cold Water Ozone Systems are being used to decontaminate and recycle rags containing oils, grease, solvents and other chemical contaminants when they are off-loaded from Navy ships returning to port after lengthy trips at sea. While the systems are currently being used solely for chemical decontamination, Cyclopss reports that they are capable of destroying Biological contamination as well.

"We have repeatedly demonstrated that the ECO-WASH Ozone Systems can effectively destroy all microorganisms including Bacillus Subtilis, a spore from the same genus as Bacillus Anthracis, the viral spore that causes Anthrax," says Dr. Durand Smith, President and Director of R&D at Cyclopss. He continues, "Our test results run in absolute parallel to the Los Alamos Laboratories data produced in their study on the effectiveness of Ozone on Anthrax 'look alike' spores."

The Cyclopss systems utilize the oxidation potential of ozone to destroy biological and chemical contaminants alike. Because the ECO-WASH products wash with cold water and neutral ph., the systems are perfect for use in the decontamination of Hazardous Materials Suits and other protective garments. These suits are made of plasticized and hydrophobic materials that react poorly to traditional ultra high temperature or harsh chemical decontamination treatments.

The company also announced earlier in the week that it had completed the installation of its first Ster-O-Zone Ozone Gas Decontamination Chamber in a nationally recognized, FDA certified biological testing laboratory, just outside of Salt Lake City. The chamber was designed and constructed at the Company's research and development facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will be used for the decontamination of laboratory carts and equipment between sterility studies. The chamber kills 99.9% of the Anthrax "look alike" Bacillus Subtilis in 30 minutes at room temperature and low pressure.

In its current design the chamber is capable of decontaminating mail carts and sorting equipment, and is currently being evaluated to determine what adaptations, if any, can be made to expand its use to the treatment of low volumes of mail or suspicious packages in small post offices, or office mail rooms where irradiation won't be practical.

Cyclopss is a world leader in the development of environmentally friendly technologies and applications that are used in the cleaning and disinfection of food, laundry, and surfaces for industries as well as consumers.

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Date:Nov 5, 2001
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