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* Nu Skin Enterprises has been named an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Spirit The Mission: "To build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play - Olympic Spirit  Award program for the 2000, 2002 and 2004 U.S. Olympic teams. The U.S. Olympic Spirit Award recognizes U.S. athletes who best exemplify the spirit of Olympic competition through the courage, dedication and determination they demonstrate in the Olympic arena. Past U.S. Olympic Spirit Award winners include Greg Louganis Gregory ("Greg") Efthimios Louganis (born January 29, 1960 in El Cajon, California) is an American diver.

Athlete best known for winning back-to-back Olympic titles in both the 3m and 10m diving events. He received the James E.
 (1988), Gail Devers Yolanda Gail Devers (born November 19, 1966 in Seattle, Washington, USA) is a three-time Olympic 100 m champion in athletics for the US Olympic Team. Devers grew up near National City, CA and graduated from Sweetwater High School in National City, CA.  (1992), Carl Lewis (1996) and Kerri Strug The references in this article would be clearer with a different and/or consistent style of citation, footnoting or external linking.

Kerri Allyson Strug (born November 19, 1977) is an American gymnast from Tucson, Arizona.

"The purpose of the U.S. Olympic Spirit Award is to recognize those athletes whose extraordinary contributions to the spirit of the Olympic Games Olympic games, premier athletic meeting of ancient Greece, and, in modern times, series of international sports contests. The Olympics of Ancient Greece

Although records cannot verify games earlier than 776 B.C.
 inspire us all," said Nu Skin chief executive Steven J. Lund. "Whether they win Olympic gold Olympic Gold is the official video game of the XXV Olympic Summer Games, hosted by Barcelona, Spain in 1992. It was released for the Sega consoles, Mega Drive/Genesis and Master System, and Sega's handheld, Game Gear.  or not, the U.S. Olympic Spirit Award nominees win our admiration and respect."

Twelve candidates for the award will be nominated at the end of the 2000, 2002 and 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games by a panel of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Alumni. The nominees--three male and three female Olympians and three male and three female Paralympians--will be prominently featured on displays at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers and on a website linked to both and The public will be invited to vote for a nominee in each category via the two websites. The athlete in each category who receives the most votes will be selected as a recipient of the U.S. Olympic Spirit Award. Nu Skin Enterprises will host an awards banquet, and the company will make a donation to U.S. Olympic-related charities in each award recipient's name. Nu Skin Enterprises and its subsidiary Pharmanex are official sponsors of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
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Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Sep 1, 2000
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