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NLC policy info in the mail for member cities.

Attention, delegates to the 1993 Congress of Cities! Information concerning NLC's policy process and your active participation is in the mail.

Watch your mailboxes for details on how to submit proposed amendments to National Municipal Policy and individual resolutions for consideration at the Congress of Cities.

Information on how to submit proposed policy amendments and the process for consideration was mailed to NLC members and State Municipal Leagues this week. Proposals are due back to by September 8 in order to give NLC's five steering committees an opportunity to review them at their fall meetings. For further information, please call NLC's Office of Policy and Federal Relations at (202) 626-3020.

Designating Voting Delegates

Instructions for designating a voting delegate to represent your city at the Annual Business Meeting were mailed to NLC members and State Municipal Leagues the week of August 2. Each city has a number of votes based on population size. Credentials information should be returned to NLC as soon as possible before the October 8 deadline.

Your early return of credentials information allows NLC staff to enter it into our computers to be prepared for your arrival Orlando.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities
Author:Rennie, Lesley-Ann
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Aug 9, 1993
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